Best Game Modes in GTA Online


Best Game Modes in GTA Online

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GTA Online is home to countless game modes that you can experience both solo or with your friends.
We have curated a list of six game modes that you need to try if you are new to the game.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is an extension of GTA 5 with multiplayer gameplay, exclusive game modes, story expansion and more. The community has helped extend the lifespan of the game by hosting player-run events on custom servers and there is a massive roleplaying community as well that you can be a part of. If you are new to the game and don’t know which game modes to try out first, here are our recommendations for the best game modes in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Best game modes to try


Heists are cooperative multi-part missions where players work together to plan and execute high-stakes robberies. These missions require teamwork, coordination, and communication. Heists offer exciting gameplay, challenging objectives, and rewarding payouts.


GTA Online features a range of race types, including traditional car races, motorcycle races, and even stunt races with elaborate tracks and obstacles. Racing against other players can be thrilling, and there are often opportunities for intense competition and strategic driving.


Deathmatches are PvP (Player vs. Player) combat scenarios where players engage in shootouts to eliminate opponents. These can take place in various locations across Los Santos and offer intense action and fast-paced gameplay. Deathmatches can be played in teams or as free-for-all battles.

Adversary Modes

Adversary Modes are unique and specialized game modes that offer different gameplay experiences. Examples include "Sumo," where players attempt to push each other out of a designated area, and "Slasher," a tense game of survival against an armed adversary. Adversary Modes often require different strategies and teamwork.


Capture is a team-based game mode where players compete to capture and deliver packages or vehicles to their team's base while defending their own. It combines elements of teamwork, strategy, and combat, and can be played in various settings and with different objectives.

Special Vehicle Work

Special Vehicle Work missions allow players to use specialized vehicles with unique capabilities to complete missions. These vehicles, such as the Deluxo or the Oppressor, offer unique ways to traverse and complete missions.

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