Best Formations in Football Manager 2024


Best Formations in Football Manager 2024

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Here are the best formations that you can try out in Football Manager 2024 to bring out your tactical expertise.
Do note that you need to be adaptive and change your strategy on the fly if you want to succeed.

The best formation in Football Manager can vary depending on your team's strengths, player attributes, and your preferred playing style. Different formations can be effective in different situations. Here are some recommended formations that you can try if you want to master the game and bring out your tactical expertise in Football Manager 2024.

Best Formations in Football Manager 2024

Here are some popular and effective formations in Football Manager 2024


  • A versatile formation with solid defensive and attacking options.

  • It offers a double pivot in central midfield for both defensive and offensive support.

  • Suitable for teams with creative attacking midfielders and wingers.


  • A classic formation with a balanced approach to offense and defense.

  • Two banks of four players make it strong defensively.

  • Suitable for teams with strong wingers and two capable strikers.

4-3-3 (Attacking):

  • An attacking formation with three forwards and a central midfield triangle.

  • Ideal for teams with strong wingers and a creative central midfielder.

  • Can be vulnerable defensively, so focus on a strong backline.

4-1-2-3 (DM Wide):

  • Offers both width and a solid midfield presence.

  • Suitable for teams with strong full-backs and a deep-lying playmaker.

  • Provides a good balance between defense and attack.


  • A formation that emphasizes control of the midfield.

  • Ideal for teams with strong central midfielders and versatile wing-backs.

  • Requires a solid defensive trio in the back.


  • A defensive formation with three center-backs.

  • Ideal for underdog teams or those looking to counter-attack.

  • Provides a strong defensive foundation.

4-3-2-1 (Narrow):

  • A formation that focuses on maintaining possession and quick passing.

  • Ideal for teams with a strong central midfield and creative attacking midfielders.


  • An aggressive formation that prioritizes attacking play.

  • Suitable for teams with two quality strikers and attacking wingers.

  • Can be vulnerable defensively.

4-1-4-1 (Defensive):

  • A formation that emphasizes defensive stability.

  • Ideal for protecting a lead or playing against stronger opponents.

  • Requires a solid defensive midfielder.

4-3-1-2 (Diamond):

  • A formation with a narrow midfield and two strikers.

  • Ideal for teams with a playmaker and two goal-scoring forwards.

  • Vulnerable to wide attacks, so strong full-backs are important.

Remember that the success of a formation depends on your team's players and their attributes. You should adapt your formation to match the strengths and weaknesses of your squad. Experiment with different formations in pre-season matches and assess how well your players perform to find the best fit for your team's style and strengths.

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