BattleBit Remastered Weapons Tier List


BattleBit Remastered Weapons Tier List

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BattleBit Remastered has a variety of weapons such as Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, and even RPGs that span various classes.
The game has a total of 41 different weapons among which seven of them slot into the S-tier.

BattleBit remastered is an online FPS that offers a colossal multiplayer lobby capable of holding up to 254 players in a single session. It was developed by a team of three indie developers—SgtOkiDoki, Vilaskis, and TheLiquidHorse, which is quite an impressive feat considering most AAA action shooters fail to offer such a massive lobby full of chaos and action. The game is essentially a low poly FPS that offers a battlefield-like experience with its huge arsenal of weapons such as automatic rifles, LMGs, snipers, SMGs, pistols, DMRs, and even RPGs. if you are looking forward to using the best weapons that the game has to offer, we have made a tier list of the best and the worst weapons in each class. Let’s dive right in.

The Best and the Worst Weapons in Battlebit Remastered

BattleBit Remastered features a total of 41 weapons spread across different classes. We have divided the tier list as follows:

  • S Tier

  • A Tier

  • B Tier

  • C Tier

  • D Tier

S Tier Weapons

  • AK15

  • MP7

  • Kriss Vector

  • M249

  • M200

  • AK-74

  • P90

AK15 Stats:

The AK15 tops our list as it is considered to be the best Assault rifle present in the game. It is the modern version of the classic AK47 Automatic rifle.

  • Type: Assault Rifle (AR)

  • Fire Rate: 540

  • Damage: 40

  • First Shot Kick: 1.40

  • Accuracy: 100

  • Velocity: 750

The rifle offers 100 accuracy with a fire rate of 540 which re-instates its place as the finest assault rifle in the game. With the right attachments, it can one-shot players from quite a distance.

MP7 Stats:

  • Type: Submachine Gun (SMG)

  • Fire Rate: 950

  • Damage: 25

  • First Shot Kick: 1

  • Accuracy: 80

  • Velocity: 350

Kriss Vector Stats:

  • Type: Submachine Gun (SMG)

  • Fire Rate: 1200

  • Damage: 24

  • First Shot Kick: 1.25

  • Accuracy: 85

  • Velocity: 400

M249 Stats:

  • Type: Light Machine Gun (LMG)

  • Fire Rate: 700

  • Damage: 30

  • First Shot Kick: 1

  • Accuracy: 70

  • Velocity: 600

M200 Stats:

  • Type: Sniper Rifle

  • Damage: 70

  • First Shot Kick: 1

  • Accuracy: 100

  • Velocity: 1400

The M200 is an outstanding sniper rifle that is exclusive to the recon class. You can acquire it upon reaching level 100.

AK74 Stats:

  • Type: Assault Rifle (AR)

  • Fire Rate: 670

  • Damage: 31

  • First Shot Kick: 1

  • Accuracy: 76.25

  • Velocity: 700

P90 Stats:

  • Type: Submachine Guns (SMG)

  • Fire Rate: 800

  • Damage: 28

  • First Shot Kick: 1

  • Accuracy: 74.75

  • Velocity: 390

The P90 ends our list of S-Tier weapons that can be obtained once players reach level 125. It is specific to the medic and engineer class and can be pretty deadly when it comes to close to mid-range combat.

A Tier Weapons

  • M4A1


  • HK419

  • FAL


  • SSG69

  • L86A1

  • MP5


  • SCAR-H

B Tier Weapons

  • G36C

  • MK-14EBR

  • M110

  • MK-20

  • MG36



  • GLOCK18

  • L96


  • UMP45

  • AK5C

C Tier Weapons

  • ULTIMAX 100

  • REM700


  • ACR

  • PP19

  • SVD 

  • SV-98

D Tier Weapons

  • PP-2000

  • M9

  • USP

  • RSH12 

  • MP443

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