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Baldur’s Gate 3 is Now the Highest Rated PC Game Ever

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is enjoying immense success as it enters its second week of release.
It has become the highest rated PC game of all time, according to review aggregator site Metacritic.

Larian Studios has bagged yet another milestone for the third iteration of Baldur’s Gate. Baldur’s Gate 3’s unparalleled success among players has made it the top rated PC game of all time on review aggregator platform Metacritic. It had only recently entered the top 25 category on the website, but with the completion of a record breaking second weekend, it has risen to the top of PC gaming, surpassing iconic games like Grand Theft Auto V, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut and Half-Life 2.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Reigns Supreme on Metacritic

In yet another groundbreaking achievement, Baldur’s Gate 3 has become the best PC video game of all time, as seen on the Metacritic ranking. This universal acclaim from fans comes after almost two weeks of release and is expected to translate to the PlayStation version too which is scheduled to release later next month. 

Generous reviews pouring in praise for the game's intense storylines, non-linear character arcs, and exceptional visuals that come as a wave of freshness, allowing players to enjoy something new. The worldbuilding, according to fans, is exceptional, letting them delve into the unmatched universe of Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The game currently boasts a top-notch score of 97, making it the best PC game of all time on Metacritic. This success is as surprising as it is not. While Baldur’s Gate 3 stayed in early access for nearly three years, developers took their time creating a game that went on to surpass all expectations. However, the response it has received has surprised Larian Studios, as was seen in a tweet by Swen Vincke a while ago. 

While the high 97 Metacritic score is an aggregate of just 26 reviews from critics, the game has great reviews from its users as well, with a 9.1 User Score based on 5548 Ratings. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been enjoying immense sustained success for the last two weeks. It will be interesting to see if Larian Studios can manage to keep up with the hype for another week.

Larian Studios recently stated that it hadn’t started working on an expansion to the game, but it also added that it wasn't completely off the table.

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