Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Beat the Phase Spider Matriarch in BG3

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Baldur's Gate 3

The Phase Spider Matriarch is one of the most challenging boss encounters in the game.
Players pursuing the Necromancy of Thay quest will encounter the spider queen.
They would require a tactical combat play to defeat the spider queen.

In the diverse role playing world of Baldur’s Gate 3, players will come across a multitude of boss encounters. Players who have been pursuing the Necromancy of Thay quest would have already come face to face with the Phase Spider Matriarch within the eerie confines of the Whispering Depths. 

While players combat the spider queen, loot and XP are waiting for them. However, this does not come easy, and tackling the Spider Matriarch at level three is far from straightforward. So, here is a guide that can help you beat the Phase Spider Matriarch. 

Guide To Defeating the Phase Spider Matriarch

The Phase Spider Matriarch is found in the Whispering Depths, which are located inside the well of the Blighted Village. Once players enter the well, they will come across various spiders who need to be defeated. But here is the catch - they can teleport. It is important that players equip themselves with effective potions and engage in tactical combat play to reign victorious over the Phase Spider Matriarch. 


Before players make the decision to engage in combating the Phase Spider Matriarch, they must prepare themselves and their party members. It is important to make sure that everyone is equipped with a considerable amount of health potions, poison resistant potions and antidotes. 

These spiders can cause up to 20 damage by spewing poison and hurting multiple party members at once. Players must also acquire Spiderstep Boots. This can make players immune to being Enwebbed by the Phase Spiders. This would also allow players to walk over web-covered surfaces. 

The boots can be found in the Whispering Depths. 

It is crucial that players also equip themselves with a Rogue in order to destroy the Spider Eggs. This will decrease the number of spiders that they will have to deal with. So, as players decide to enter the Phase Spider Matriarch territory, they must also be ready to destroy those spider eggs. 

Defeat Small Spiders First

It is considered ideal to weed out the small hurdles first before bracing up for a battle against the Spider Matriarch. To do so, players can fight from the higher ground, adding an advantage to their combat strategy. Players must enter the Whispering Depths from the well entrance and stay close to the cave wall. Going left, they should look for a scalable wall and climb it. 

As players move forward, they can destroy the web bridges and then move forward. Please note that it is crucial that players first defeat all spiders before crossing the web bridges. Otherwise, they will get stuck. Doing so, players can easily reach the lower ground without much difficulty. 

Take Down The Boss Spider

Now that players have reached the lower ground, it's time for the inevitable face off with the Phase Spider Matriarch. She can spawn spider eggs and bring them to life, but they may not be that much of a threat. However, using the party members’ skills tactfully can help save resources.

With only the Phase Spider Matriarch to defeat, the party members must position themselves in the large opening that links the room to the queen’s chamber. This will position your enemies in a way where they can only attack you from the front or rear. 

In their inventory, players will find the horns that they received from the ogres. The ogres can help raise your probability of survival and even victory, as players can use them to shield themselves. 

There are several ways in which players can go about defeating the matriarch. One way is to cause damage and eventually kill her; the other way is to push her into the looming hole in the middle of the room. 

The party should work in unison to get the Matriarch stuck in one of the web bridges. Using a fire-based throwable, Alchemist’s Fire, for instance, players can burn the bridge, causing the spider queen to fall. This will cause 50 damage. Now, they can eventually push the Matriarch in the pit that is at the center of the room. The hole is an entrance into the Underdark. 

While the queen falls in defeat, players can follow her down the rabbit hole to collect their loot. However, they might need to cast a Feather Fall spell on themselves to avoid damage upon falling. They should also be prepared to fight, in case the spider queen is not yet defeated. 

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