Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide: Here’s How You Can Complete Avenge the Drowned Quest


Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide: Here’s How You Can Complete Avenge the Drowned Quest

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The “Avenge the Drowned” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires you to avenge the death of Holli, a fallen Waveservant of the Umberlee.
Players are provided with the option to branch out and open up several other missions upon undertaking this quest.
You will be rewarded with a Wavemother’s Robe for your endeavors.

Larian Studios’ Baldur Gate 3 (BG3) has several complex quests that players will encounter during their journey throughout the Forgotten Realms. One such is “Avenge the Drowned” which involves avenging the death of a priestess of Umberlee, the vengeful goddess of storms and the ocean. Although the quest seems pretty straightforward initially, it can get quite detailed as you keep progressing. It will also branch out into several other missions, depending on your chosen outcome. Without further ado, let’s figure out how to complete it.

How to Start Avenge the Drowned Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3?

As mentioned above, “Avenge the Drowned” begins as a simple side quest, and as with many other missions in BG3, it also branches out into various sections, depending on the choices you make. To start this quest, you must visit the House of the Water Queen, which is present in the Southwestern corner of the Lower City. It is the next building beside the Steel Foundry and knowing this will come in handy during a later part of the quest.

house of the water queen

Once you enter the House of the Water Queen, you will observe a funeral procession and notice the Waveservants mourning the death of Holli, a Umberlee priestess who was brutally killed in Grey Harbor. You must now converse with Allandra Grey, the leader of the Water Queen’s House. The conversation will eventually lead to her asking you for a donation, after which she will reveal that Holli was killed by a terrifying beast that lurks in the waters of Grey Harbor.

Apart from the information you receive from Allandra, you also have the option to use the “Speak with the Dead” spell or talk to Holli if you have Shadowheart at your party. At the very end of your conversation with the Water Queen House leader, you can now choose to help her slay the beast and avenge the death of Holli.

Where Can You Find the Grey Harbor Beast in BG3?

To find the exact location of this mysterious beast, stop by Grey Harbor and talk to its dwellers. They will let you know that this creature also affects their livelihood by polluting the water and killing all aquatic life in the process. Eventually, all leads will point towards Flymm’s Cargo Warehouse which is located on the eastern side of the Harbor.

Once you enter the warehouse, make your way down to the basement where you will come across a secret docking bay. Here, you will meet Redhammer the deviser who is presumably the pilot of a massive submersible found in the underground docking bay. You will now learn that the beast is no mythical sea creature but an Iron submersible that was created by Redhammer for Lord Enver Gortash, one of the main antagonists present in the game.


You will also be made aware of the existence of an underwater prison called the Iron Throne and the aforementioned submersible is used to transport the prisoners into it. You will now be provided with three options:

  •  You can choose to kill Redhammer yourself to avenge the death of Holli

  • You can visit the Iron Throne and take on other quests such as “Save the Gondians” and “Rescue the Grand Duke”

  • For a more pacifist approach, You can hand over Redhammer to the Waveservants, successfully completing the “Avenge the Drowned” Quest.


As a reward for your endeavors, you will receive the Wavemother’s Robe which provides the following buffs:

  • +1 Armor Class

  • Resistance to Fire and Cold Damage

  • Unlock the Create or Destroy Water spell

  • +1d4 hit points each time you start your turn while standing in water.

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