Asphalt 9 Legends Guide: The Most Efficient Ways to Use Nitro


Asphalt 9 Legends Guide: The Most Efficient Ways to Use Nitro

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Asphalt 9 Legends offers four levels of nitro indicated by yellow, blue, orange, and purple colors.
Purple nitrous or Shockwave is the highest level of nitro in the game, offering colossal amounts of boosts to acceleration and speed.
Players can also switch to manual mode which makes it significantly easier to quickly switch between different nitrous levels.

Gameloft’s popular racing series has made numerous strides when it comes to mobile racing games and has set new standards for other studios to follow. Asphalt 9 is currently their latest iteration into the franchise and it implements overhauled mechanics from the previous entries.

Similar to most arcade-style racing titles, every Asphalt game has featured nitro to provide a significant boost in speed and acceleration to your car, helping you take a lead on your opponents. This feature has been overhauled in the latest entry where you now have different levels of nitrous which has confused many beginners. If you are wondering how this system works, worry not as we have got you covered in this guide.

How Does Nitrous Work in Asphalt 9 Legends?

As mentioned above, this title brings four different levels of nitrous use, each indicated by its own distinct color. They are:

  • Level 1: Yellow

  • Level 2: Blue

  • Level 3: Orange

  • Level 4: Purple

Nitrous can also be combined with other tricks such as barrel rolls and 360s which also fill up your nitrous bar when performed successfully. You can also attempt drifting if you want to rapidly fill the nitro bar and get the shockwave hit to blast out of corner exits.

Yellow Nitrous

This is the initial level of nitrous offered in the game. It is activated by a single tap on the nitro icon and shoots out yellow flames offering you a slight boost to acceleration. It is most useful to maintain speed while blasting through the straights, although you need to keep in mind that you will lose some speed if you are going over rough patches of roads.

Blue Nitrous

Blue Nitrous

Blue nitro is essentially the slightly refined version of Yellow. Activating this requires you to tap exactly when the nitrous bar turns blue indicating a Perfect Nitro. This comes in handy while going through corners as you do not lose much of your speed while it is activated. Make sure you activate it after gaining some decent momentum.

Orange Nitrous

You can activate this by double-tapping the nitro button and it will provide you with a short boost of acceleration when compared to the two mentioned above. What makes it stand out is that it offers this acceleration boost while up in the air, which makes it ideal to use before hitting ramps. It is not recommended while taking corners as it drastically affects handling. Keep in mind that this depletes the fastest when compared to other levels.

Purple Nitrous

Purple Nitrous

Often referred to as Shockwave, this is the highest level of nitro in the game and it can be activated by double-tapping the icon while your nitrous bar is full and flashing purple. Upon doing so, you will get a cool warp-speed effect and a massive hit of acceleration when compared to the rest. Apart from allowing you to jolt past the straights, they also allow you to stay in the air for longer if you activate it before jumps. You will also notice a slight increase in your vehicle’s top speed.

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