Archery King Early Access Announced For India By KRAFTON And RisingWings


Archery King Early Access Announced for India by KRAFTON and RisingWings

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South Korean developers, KRAFTON and RisingWings, have released early access download for Archery King in Indian.
Archery King is a mobile game that allows players to use virtual bows and arrows to aim at targets with the objective of scoring maximum points.
The early access features 'Challenge Mode' with 120 single-player stages that progressively get more difficult.

The early access release of the archery simulation game, Archery King, has been announced for India by KRAFTON and RisingWings. It is now available to download on the Google Play Store for free and those interested can try it out.

Archery King is a mobile game that simulates the thrill and challenge of archery, allowing players to use virtual bows and arrows to aim at targets to score points.

It features levels of various difficulties, realistic physics, and diverse environments, providing constant challenges and engagements for players.

KRAFTON and Rising Wings Announce Early Access for Archery King in India

KRAFTON, the video game developer from South Korea who is also the maker of BGMI, along with RisingWings, another video game developer from South Korea that focuses on creating mobile games, have come together for the release of Archery King's early access in India.

The title has previously enjoyed great success in the country, having accumulated more than 20 million downloads, returning to tailor the game as per the preferences of the Indian gaming community.

Archery King: More Than 100 Levels

During this early access phase, KRAFTON and RisingWings will collect feedback on player experiences and preferences through comprehensive surveys. Then they will work on it to craft Archery King in such a way that it truly resonates with the Indian audience.

This early access of Archery King will consist of the following features,

  1. Players will be introduced to the 'Challenge Mode' that offers 120 progressively challenging single-player stages featuring a variety of targets.

  2. The initial levels will start with standard objective which will start to move around as the players progress.

  3. This mode will test players based on timing and precision, delivering an exhilarating gaming experience.

Minu Lee - Head of Publishing at KRAFTON India, said “We are very excited to bring back ‘Archery King’ to the Indian market, as we know how much the game is loved and missed by the fans. We hope that the early access version of the game will provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the players, and we look forward to hearing their feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to continue to deliver fun and immersive titles that resonate with the Indian community and constantly raise the bar for mobile gaming in the country.”

Archery King: Multiple Combinations and Customization

Those interested in trying out early access to Archery King can do so by heading over to the Google Play Store or by simply clicking on this link - Archery King (Android).

The mobile game is currently not available for iOS which means Apple users will need to wait for the release of the game on its native platform, which could take a while as the game is still in its testing phase for Android devices.

It will be interesting to see how the mobile game performs in India following this return.

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