All Slap Battles: Recall Glove Quiz Answers

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All Slap Battles: Recall Glove Quiz Answers


Slap Battles lets you do exactly what you might think: slap people. You have a variety of gloves that you can use, including Recall Gloves.
Here are all Recall Glove Quiz answers to help you unlock this special item in Slap Battles.

Slap Battles is one of the most interactive Roblox games that allows players to engage in slap battles with each other. The game features a wide range of gloves, each with unique abilities, such as setting traps, slowing down time, and moving faster. Among the selection, Recall Gloves stands out as the most popular one.

However, obtaining Recall Gloves in Slap Battles is quite challenging and requires completing a quiz related to your account and in-game-related queries. So, if you’re wondering how to answer this quiz and use the Recall Glove, we’ve prepared this guide to help you. 

Slap Battles: All Recall Glove Quiz Answers Revealed 

In Slap Battles, you can obtain Recall Gloves by answering a set of questions and completing various tasks given by an NPC, which can be found at the temple. You can reach this location with the help of Reverse Glove. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the chances of getting there are completely RNG-based.

Here’s a list of all the Recall Glove quiz answers -

All Slap Battles: Recall Glove Quiz Answers

1. Question: How old is your account in days?

Answer: Head to the Account Page and find ‘Join Date’ to find the answer to this question.

2. Question: What is the chance of Bob?

Answer: 1/7500

3. Question: What glove can’t hit when it isn’t there?

Answer: Elude

4. Question: Did you forget that you repressed your memories?

Answer: Yes

5. Question: What glove needs exactly 9750 slaps?

Answer: 16/02/2021

6. Question: How many players were present on this server when you were sent here?

Answer: To get this answer, look up the in-game leaderboard and count the number of people on the server.

7. Question: How many slaps do you have?

Answer: You can get the answer by getting the numbers from the in-game leaderboard. 

8.Question: If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, what does 6=?

Answer: 3

9. Question: When was Slap Battles released?

Answer: 16/02/2021

10. Question: Who controls this realm?

Answer: Tencell

11. Question: How many glove stands are there in Slap Battles?

Answer: 149

12. Question: What is the name of Glitch Glove?

Answer: 01010010 01010101 01001110

13. Question: Do you know who I am?

Answer: A Forgotten Memory

14. Question: Do you want to play Simon Says?

Answer: Yes

15.Question: What color is your name in the Roblox chat?

Answer: You can answer this by sending a message in the chat and seeing the color.

Slap Battles: How to Do Simon Says Tasks?

Once you complete the quiz, you must do a special task. You only have to do an action if the command is preceded by “Simon Says”; otherwise, you have to do nothing and travel through the portal. The tasks here can be different; for example, type “Glove” in the chat or jump off the map. After completing all the tasks, you will receive the Call Glove. You can now rewind time during battles, and get an upper hand over your opponents. 

However, it’s important to be careful as you can’t be hit or hit anyone when using Recall Gloves. If you’re falling off the edge, use Recall to return to where you were before falling.

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