All Brawl Stars Free Pins (April 2024)

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All Brawl Stars Free Pins (April 2024)


Brawl Stars is a successful Supercell title that has been in the mobile gaming market since 2018.
It is a multiplayer game where players constantly communicate with each other or their enemies using Pins.
Here are all the Pins available for free in Brawl Stars during the month of April 2024.

Supercell has delivered some of the best titles in the history of mobile gaming. After a successful start, it went on to give star titles including Brawl Stars which was released in 2018 and has quickly become a fan favorite, given its long-running success.

In 2020, a fun yet significant element to the game was introduced called Pins, which are a type of cosmetic used in the game.

Players can find these pins from Starr Drops, buy them from the Catalog, or sometimes find them in deals in the shop. These pins vary on different levels of rarity. In this article, we will share all Brawl Star pins that are available for free in April 2024.

Brawl Stars Pins for Season 25 (April 2024)

The current running season, Brawl Stars Season 25 called Ragnarok, began on 4th April 2024 and will run till 2nd May 2024. During this time, players can keep their eyes out for special rewards, including pins. The exclusive Ragnarok Pin being offered this season is called the Mjolnir Pin.

Players can find this pin in the shop. Unfortunately, this is the only pin available for free in the new update.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks, then you can also get your hands on the following pins through the Brawl Stars pass.

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Neutral)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Angry)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Happy)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (GG)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Phew)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Sad)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Special)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Thanks)

  • Skull Ragnarok Pin (Clap)

Brawl Stars Season 25 pins

To obtain these pins, players will have to purchase the Brawl Stars pass which can be found on the official website or in the in-game menu.

All Brawl Stars Free Pins (April 2024)

Apart from the Mjolnir pin, other free pins available in Brawl Stars include Baby Shark Pin (Neutral), Easter 2024 Pin (Special), and lastly, the Ragnarok Pin (Hammer).

To get your hands on these pins, players should first ensure that they have an updated version of the game on their mobile devices. Then, follow the given steps to get the free pins:

  1. Visit the Brawl Stars Website.

  2. Click on 'Claim Reward' to receive the free pin in Brawl Stars.

  3. Check your in-game inbox afterward.

This is everything you need to know about the free pins available in Brawl Stars for April 2024.

Due to Brawl Stars being multiplayer, players constantly need to communicate with each other. If it is not a strategy, then they want to be playful and casually chat. This is where pins are helpful. They are virtual items that can be used as emotes in team chat, friendly games or even with enemies during battles.

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