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Street Fighter 6 dominated the 2023 Evolution Championship Series with over 7,000 entrants, the most in comparison to other games.
The game also unveiled its new character, A.K.I., at EVO 2023. She is a Chinese Street Fighter.
A.K.I. is the second Chinese playable female fighter in the game, after Chun-Li.

The 2023 Evolution Championship Series (EVO) unveiled a new character for the renowned Street Fighter franchise, sparking enthusiasm among the 7,000 participants in attendance. The popular fighting game took the spotlight at EVO, where the forthcoming character, known as A.K.I., was introduced.

A.K.I., set to make her debut in Street Fighter 6 during the upcoming autumn season, was a highly anticipated reveal among players familiar with EVO's tradition of hosting significant fighting game announcements. Street Fighter 6, developed and published by Capcom, leveraged this platform to its advantage, garnering attention as the first official event within the Capcom Pro Tour.

A.K.I. - All You Need To Know

A.K.I. is a Chinese street fighter who carries a devious charm with her pale skin, leather outfit and shiny white hair. The razor-sharp claws on her hands lie at the core of her combat strategy, laced with poison. A.K.I. is the second playable female street fighter from China, after Chun-Li. 

Capcom, the developer and publisher of Street Fighter 6, had earlier revealed the framework of the latest DLC characters for the game. A new character, Rashid, was also revealed just before EVO 2023. Presenting Street Fighter 6 at EVO also marked the game’s debut as the first official event that is part of the Capcom Pro Tour. 

On 6th August 2023, Capcom delighted the fans by sharing the teaser trailer for their latest addition to the fighting roster. The teaser trailer featured A.K.I. and her devious ways of combating.

Reactions to the character started pouring out on social media, calling A.K.I. the most unhinged character yet, surpassing Juri, who was previously seen as the monstrous one. A.K.I. offers a whole new gaming experience with her deviant voice lines and sinister appeal. It seems like she has an affinity for poison, which some fans may find reminiscent of F.A.N.G. from Street Fighter 5. The character will be available in autumn with a new update to the game. 

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