Adam Cole Makes Striking Entrance in Borderlands Inspired Gear at Wembley Stadium


Adam Cole Seen in Borderlands Inspired Gear at Wembley Stadium

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AEW star, Adam Cole was seen in video game attire, gathering praise from fans all over the world.
The All Elite Wrestling event managed to garner a whopping gathering of 81,035 fans, making it a successful event in regards to professional wrestling.
Other wrestling celebrities have also expressed their love for video games time and time again with intriguing costumes.

The convergence of professional wrestling and video game culture was on full display as Adam Cole, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), made a memorable entrance at London's renowned Wembley Stadium. Sporting Borderlands-inspired attire, Cole's unconventional choice of wardrobe garnered attention from both wrestling enthusiasts and gamers alike.

In an industry where wrestlers increasingly express their affinity for video games through various means, including incorporating gaming elements into their personas and outfits, Adam Cole's decision to don Borderlands-inspired gear marked a noteworthy intersection of these two distinct realms.

Record-Breaking AEW Crowd Plays Witness to Adam Cole’s Borderlands Gear

Wembley Stadium witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with over 81,035 fans from around the world in attendance, setting a new attendance record for AEW. Tony Khan, AEW's CEO, GM, and Head of Creative, attributed the event's success to a collective effort involving the dedicated AEW roster, staff, and collaborative partners.

However, it was Adam Cole's choice of attire that stole the spotlight as he made his way to the ring for his highly-anticipated match against MJF. The crowd's reaction was fervent, reflecting the genuine excitement of fans who appreciated this fusion of entertainment and gaming culture.

Record-Breaking AEW Plays Witness to Adam Cole’s Borderlands Gear

This was not Adam Cole's inaugural venture into gaming-inspired fashion. In the previous year, he garnered attention by emulating the iconic Spartan warriors from the popular Halo series, a move that resonated with gaming enthusiasts and wrestling fans alike. 

Other Wrestling Celebrities Who Have Donned Video Game Inspired Costumes

In the past, other wrestling stars, such as Zelina Vega, Kenny Omega, Jade Cargill and Tommaso Ciampa, have embraced gaming-inspired outfits, further underscoring the overlap between wrestling and gaming. Zelina Vega had showcased her versatility by donning costumes resembling characters from Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat, is even a commentator in Street Fighter 6. 

In an environment where the lines between wrestling and pop culture blur, Adam Cole's choice to wear Borderlands gear is indicative of a broader trend where wrestlers leverage their attire to align with popular cultural phenomena.

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