A New EA Fight Night Game Might Possibly Be Announced This Year


A New EA Fight Night Game Might Possibly Be Announced This Year

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EA might soon announce the revival of their popular Fight Night boxing game series.
Rumors also suggest that boxers like Raymond Ford and Jaron Ennis are already working with EA to be featured in the game.
Mike Straw of Insider Gaming further corroborated the information by saying that although it might be announced, EA will not release any further details at least until 2025.

Fight Night is Electronic Arts’s (EA) boxing game that showcased the studio’s potential to create a full-fledged professional fighting game from the ground up. However, there hasn’t been a new entry in the series since 2011, when “Fight Night Champion” was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox One.

While EA has shifted its focus to its UFC MMA game in recent years, rumors are circulating that the studio is actively working on reviving the Fight Night series. This news has been corroborated by several reputable sources. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know!

The Next EA Fight Night Game Might Not Appear Until 2025

Rumors suggesting the existence of a new Fight Night game were first popularized by Combat eSports Media who posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) stating that EA is all set to announce a new Fight Night by this year. This post gained over 580,000 views since 9th April.

Following this, well-known American professional boxer Raymond Ford who recently won the WBA Featherweight title in March, corroborated this by reposting it on his Instagram Story, which excited a lot of fans, as it suggests that Raymond will be a playable character in this enw game.

While the showcased cover image for the game mentions that it is a PlayStation 4 version, many believe that the upcoming Fight Night game will be available on the current-gen PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

While the aforementioned platforms certainly seem the most viable options, you need to know that EA has released several of its 2024 games on the older generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the handheld Nintendo Switch. This pattern shows that there is a possibility that the unannounced EA Fight Night game will also make its way to the old-gen consoles. However, an announcement date and confirmation of platforms have not yet been received.

Many fans reached out to Mike Straw of Insider Gaming who further corroborated the information after discussions with known sources at EA. He mentions that plans for a revival of the Fight Night series were considered after the launch of UFC 5, which took place in October 2023.

However, Mike Straw also says that the studio has no plans to make any announcements or release details this year, and it will remain this way at least until 2025.

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