5 Max Payne Quotes That You Relate to


5 Max Payne Quotes That You Relate to

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Max Payne is one of the best video game franchises that tells the story of a former detective whose family was tragically murdered.
Here are some of the best Max Payne quotes everyone can relate to.

Max Payne games have indeed become cult classics for all gamers. The title was such a hit that Rockstar Games took over the series and developed the game for Xbox 360 and PS3. 

The series introduces players to a dark story where a former police detective's entire family is murdered. Some hard-hitting quotes from Max Payne himself also enhance the game's dark aura. So, we've compiled some of the Max Payne quotes from all three games of the series that many players can relate to.  

Max Payne Quotes That Everyone Can Relate to

5. "But Dreams Have a Nasty Habit of Going Bad When You're Not Looking."

Max Payne says this line in the introduction to his first game. For Max, his dream was completely shattered by the murder of his child and wife. It's true that most of us haven't fallen into such a horrific tragedy, but everyone has shared a fair share of bad things happening to them. It's important to appreciate all the good things in our lives; we never know when we could lose them.

5 Max Payne Quotes That You Relate to

4. I had the desire to delve into my own mind and remove the anguish from within my skull.

Max delivers this line in the second game, commenting on emotional scars and the physical pain within him from all the events of the story. He is literally shot in the head; it doesn't get any worse. When you might feel like this, it's tragic, especially when it's the pain of losing a loved one or a breakup. However, you must keep your head up as you'll sail through it.

3. "A Bad Caricature of a Better Man."

Max's mental health was declining in every game, but it hit rock bottom in the third game. Max fell into alcoholism and failed at everything. He says the line in his internal monologue when he realizes how far he has let himself go since the events of Max Payne 2.

2. "The More You Run, The Deeper, More Terrible It Grows Behind You, Its Edges Yawning At Your Heels."

We all have problems in our lives, and like Max, we have all tried running away from them. However, it's the realization at the end that running away is a useless solution. One can't always run from their issues and must take them head-on and deal with them. Unless we resolve our problems and confront them, they will grow worse.

1."I Ain't Slipping Man. I'm Slipped."

In Max Payne 3, we see a much older Max who is battling against his alcoholism. He was hired to protect a woman but fails and says this line. Many of us are older than we were in 201 and aged like Max. However, we must adapt and learn new things even as we age.

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