What Are All the Playstyles in EA Sports FC 24?


What Are All the PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24?

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PlayStyles in EA FC 24 is an overhaul to the old traits system which now adds special attributes apart from the player’s base stats.
PlayStyles uses data from Opta which is one of the best companies in the world to provide accurate Football statistics.
If an Ultimate Team Player has a PlayStyle+ attribute, it will also be added to the Ultimate Team card design.

Electronic Art’s FC 24 has brand-new features such as HyperMotion V and Sapien Tech to accurately represent player movements. Apart from visual upgrades, you will also notice improvements to its wide variety of game modes. There has also been an addition of new league and ranking systems and an overhaul to the old traits system, which has now been renamed to PlayStyles. It adds an extra layer of abilities apart from the base stats of every player. Let's take a deeper look at this feature along with finding out the best PlayStyles you need to look out for in EA FC 24.

What are PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24?

PlayStyles utilizes data from Opta, which is one of the most reliable providers of football statistics around the globe. This data is used to accurately recreate signature moves and styles of popular football players around the globe. Their real-world attributes are translated over to their in-game avatars. Initially, we were told that PlayStyles would only be available for the Ultimate Team but now we will see the feature carry over to other game modes such as Co-op Seasons, Career Mode, Kick Off, etc. It can also be added to the players you create in Clubs mode.

Here’s a List of All the PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24

The game has a total of 34 different PlayStyles divided into different skills like Passing, Scoring, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeping.

Passing PlayStyle Attributes

  • Incisive Pass

  • Long Ball Pass

  • Whipped Pass

  • Pinged Pass

  • Tiki Taka

Scoring PlayStyle Attributes

  • Power Shot

  • Power Header

  • Chip Shot

  • Finesse Shot

  • Dead Ball

Ball Control PlayStyle Attributes

  • Press Proven

  • First Touch

  • Rapid

  • Trickster

  • Flair

  • Technical

Defending PlayStyle Attributes

  • Intercept

  • Block

  • Bruiser

  • Jockey

  • Anticipate

  • Slide Tackle

Physical PlayStyle Attributes

  • Trivela

  • Quick step

  • Relentless

  • Long Throw

  • Acrobatic

  • Aerial

Goalkeeping PlayStyle Attributes

  • Far Throw

  • Footwork

  • Cross Claimer

  • Rush Out

  • Quick Reflexes

  • Far Reach

Apart from PlayStyles, the game also has a PlayStyles+ feature, that will focus on one specific skill and enhance it. For example, if a player has Tiki Taka as a PlayStyles+ trait, they will be more gifted in terms of first-time accuracy and short-distance passes through the ground. This PlayStyle+ variation will be their signature trait and it will be highlighted in Gold to separate itself from the player’s regular PlayStyles which is usually in white.

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