How to Fix FIFA Mobile Error 0x00100888


How to Fix FIFA Mobile Error 0x00100888

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FIFA Mobile error 0x00100888 is unfortunately a very common error code that players encounter while trying to launch or play the game. It is usually caused by connectivity issues between the game and its servers.
This article explains how players can fix the FIFA Mobile error 0x00100888 along with its causes, potential fixes and workable solutions.

FIFA Mobile offers players several fun game modes that offer an immersive experience to its fanbase. However, just like any other app, FIFA Mobile is not immune to occasional errors that can obstruct gameplay. The 0x00100888 error in particular pops up when you try to launch the game and it can prevent you from playing. If you are facing the issue, here are a few fixes that you can try to fix the 0x00100888 error in FIFA Mobile.

How to fix FIFA Mobile error 0x00100888

Check your Internet Connection

One of the primary causes of the FIFA Mobile 0x00100888 error is poor or unstable internet connectivity. The game relies heavily on a stable internet connection to access online services and to play online matches. Having a weak connection might also lead to laggy and jittery gameplay experience.

Clearing the cache of the FIFA Mobile app from your device

Rarely, the cache files of the FIFA Mobile app in your device might become corrupted leading to the FIFA Mobile 0x00100888 error. To fix this issue, you have to clear the cache of your game. This can be done by the following steps : 

  1. Open the settings menu on your respective device

  2. Navigate to the apps menu

  3. Tap on the FIFA Mobile app

  4. Tap on storage and select clear cache and clear data options

Updating the FIFA Mobile App

Players who might have older versions of FIFA Mobile installed on their devices, might run into incompatibility issues with the latest server updates which might also lead to the FIFA Mobile error 0x00100888. If this is the case, simply navigating to the FIFA Mobile page on the Google play store or the Apple app store and updating the application should do the trick.

Restarting your device or re-installing FIFA Mobile

If you are still experiencing the FIFA Mobile 0x00100888 error, you might want to try restarting your device as it would clear any temporary issues that the game faces. If the issue persists, you can try reinstalling the game as that would remove any malware or other potential issues that might have been present in the previous installation.

Contacting EA support

If the issue is still persistent after trying all of the solutions mentioned above, it is advised to contact EA Support, where they have a dedicated team to help players troubleshoot issues present in FIFA Mobile.

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