How to Download FIFA Mobile APK

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FIFA Mobile APK Download


Players can download the FIFA Mobile 23 APK and play the game even in regions where it is not available.
To download FIFA Mobile's APK, you can check out sources like XAPK or APK Pure.

FIFA Mobile, also known as FIFA Soccer, is the mobile version of FIFA by Electronic Arts (EA). Just like the PC and console versions of the game, FIFA Mobile allows you to experience various game modes including the popular manager mode and FIFA Ultimate Team. While the game is available officially on the Play Store, there are some countries like Vietnam where the game is not available. If you want to download the FIFA Mobile APK directly, here’s how you can do it.

Download FIFA Mobile APK File

Since FIFA Mobile’s APK file is available online, you can download the setup files in any region. You can download the APK file from mirror sources like APK Mirror or XPAK packages from APK Pure. After downloading the app package (.xapk file) locate the file on your system. 

  1. Make sure you have around 6 GB of free storage space

  2. Download the XAPK package from trusted sources like APK Pure

  3. Rename the downloaded file’s extension from “.xapk” to “.zip”

  4. Unzip the file into any folder

  5. Create a new folder in the local folder system of your device, namely /sdcard/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/<OBBname>/, where <OBBname> is the OBB file name itself without the extension

  6. Copy the OBB to the folder you created

  7. Install the APK file that you extracted

If you do all of the steps correctly but your device prevents you from installing the game, do the following: 

  1. Navigate to Setting > Security.

  2. Check the option “Unknown sources“.

  3. Tap OK on the prompt message.

  4. Select “Trust“.

Some devices may have slightly different menus and you can search for “unknown sources” and navigate to the setting to enable it. Enabling this allows you to download any APK files online and install them. You may need to use a VPN service to change your location to any of the countries that have access to the game.

Note: Sideloading FIFA Mobile APKs can be dangerous and you should download them from trusted sources only. There are also plenty of APKs that come with cheats and it is recommended to not use them as you are likely to be banned.

That is all you need to know about downloading the FIFA Mobile APK. For more FIFA Mobile content, consider checking out our coverage of the FIFA Mobile 23 Record Breakers Pass. We also have the release date and time for the FIFA 23 Serie A TOTS Promo.

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