Here’s How You Can Complete the 80+ Upgrade SBC in EA Sports FC 24


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Here’s How You Can Complete the 80+ Upgrade SBC in EA Sports FC 24

Surya Kumar
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The 80+ upgrade SBC in EA FC 24 acts as an easy and intuitive way to upgrade your cards without breaking the bank.
This reward is fairly lenient to complete as you are not restricted by any squad ratings, chemistry points, or leagues.

Ever since its release, EA Sports FC 24 has given players numerous Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that they can complete in exchange for several in-game rewards such as player cards and packs. This time they have introduced a new 80+ upgrade SBC, a repeatable challenge being renewed for another week. Players can grind this SBC multiple times for the next couple of days to keep receiving rewards. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the requirements and figure out how to complete it.

80+ Upgrade SBC in EA Sports FC 24

This SBC is aimed at players who are focused on Ultimate Team mode and are looking to upgrade players in their squad at a relatively cheaper price. Initially introduced during the Road to the Knockouts Promo, this challenge has been extended to this week so that players can make full use of it.  As mentioned earlier, it is a repeatable challenge, which means players can exchange unnecessary fodders for better cards, without spending too many coins. These low-cost repetitive challenges are few and far between which means players must definitely take advantage of them while they last until 19th October.

Here are the requirements to complete this promo:

  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 6

  • Number of rare cards in the squad: At least 1

  • Rank of the card: Exactly Gold

Upon meeting these prerequisites, you will be rewarded with one 80+ rare gold player pack. Each player will cost you around 2400-3000 FUT coins, which makes this a relatively easy challenge to complete.

Is It Worth It to Complete the 80+ Upgrade SBC in EA Sports FC 24?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it to complete this particular challenge, especially considering the fact that its requirements are very easy to meet. Those with a keen eye will notice that these prerequisites are similar to previous challenges showcased in this mode. You will not even have to provide a full squad as you only need to form a squad with six Gold players with one of them being a rare card.

You are also not restricted in terms of meeting squad ratings or chemistry points. There are no league or nationality requirements either, which means completing this challenge is a no-brainer for players who have an abundance of low-tier cards with them.

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