EA Sports FC 24: Most Balanced PC Settings for Optimal Performance and Visuals


EA Sports FC 24: Most Balanced PC Settings for Optimal Performance and Visuals

Surya Kumar
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EA FC 24 offers numerous settings for PCs, allowing you to tweak them according to your preferences.
Make sure your graphic drivers are on their latest version to avoid any stuttering, crashing, or other performance issues.

EA FC 24 is now officially out of the covers and numerous fans of the franchise are jumping in to witness all the overhauls made to it as well as exploring all of its new features. The game comes with several visual upgrades, thanks to the updated Frostbite engine, and also features improved mechanics due to Hypermotion V and Sapien Tech. Although the title is optimized for current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, they have their own short-comings when compared to a solid gaming PC, which gives you the option to tweak its graphical settings down to the minor details, allowing you complete control over its visuals. If you are wondering about the best settings for PC, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right in and take a look!

Best PC Settings for EA Sports FC 24

Although the game has gotten numerous visual updates, the system requirements for the game seem relatively lenient. As a result, we can expect the game to run on a wide variety of configurations.

Before you make changes to the in-game settings, you can optimize the game directly from Windows. You can do that by making the following changes:

  • Turn on Game Mode: Toggling game mode to on will make your system allot more resources towards your game which would optimize it to run better.

  • Turn off your Xbox Game Bar: The Xbox Game Bar is infamous for crashing games and causing stuttering which would ruin your gameplay. Turning this off is the right choice unless Microsoft decides to improve this option.

  • Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling: This will optimize graphical performance and can even provide a 2-5% boost in performance depending on your GPU. It will also help with input lags and GPU bottlenecks.

If you do meet or exceed the recommended requirements and your first priority is visual appeal, feel free to keep all of your in-game settings at Ultra. However, if you are looking for the best settings to boost FPS and improve input latency, while also maintaining decent visuals, you can use these presets below:

  • Resolution: Your Monitor’s Resolution

  • Display Mode: Full Screen (Using Windowed or Windowed Borderless causes some stuttering)

  • Refresh Rate: Maximum refresh rate supported by your monitor.

  • Frame Rate: No Limit on FPS

  • Vertical Sync: Off

  • Dynamic Resolution Scale: Off

  • Cutscene Quality: Half frame rate

  • Stranded Hair: Turning this off will provide a 5-6% frame rate boost.

  • Rendering Quality: High

  • Grass Quality: Medium

  • Crowd Quality: Low

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