EA Sports FC 24: Here’s How you Can get Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Player Item


EA Sports FC 24: Here’s How You Can Get Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Player Item

Surya Kumar
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Acquiring the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live card requires you to complete four distinct objectives.
Keep in mind that this FC Pro Live Player item does not follow the same upgrade path as the previous promos.
Players have until 3rd February 2024 to complete this FC Pro Live event.

EA Sports FC 24 conducts numerous in-game promos where players need to complete objectives to earn items such as the FC Pro Live player card for Ultimate Team. Although you are aware of the upgrade objectives, finishing them might be quite an ordeal especially if you are a beginner. You might need to go through a list of four different objectives to receive the Diogo Jota FC Pro item that is offered this time. Here are all the necessary requirements.

How to Complete Objectives for Diogo Jota FC Pro Libe Objectives?

As mentioned above, here are the four objectives you need to achieve in order to win the Diogo Jota player item:

  • Score 10: Score 10 goals in Squad Battles with a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro / Rivals / Champions.

  • Goal Scorer: Score a minimum of 2 goals in 3 separate Squad Battles on Semi-Pro / Rivals / Champions difficulty.

  • Portuguese Flair: Help with 5 goals in Squad Battles with a Portuguese player on Semi-Pro / Rivals / Champions difficulty.

  • Win 8: Win a total of 8 matches in Squad Battles with at least 3 Premier League players in your starting 11. Must be done in Semi-Pro / Rivals / Champions difficulty.

Although these tasks can be completed in any of the three available game modes, squad battles seem to be the quickest and easiest option as you only have to face AI-controlled opponents. You can also change the difficulty at any time, making the grind a bit easier. The first two objectives might be easier to complete but the last two require you to have access to Premier League and Portuguese players which isn’t impossible but it still poses quite a challenge. Keep in mind that you have until 3rd February 2024 to complete this event.

Is It Worth It to Do the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Objectives in EA FC 24?

The fact that participating in this FC Pro Live event is completely free makes a compelling argument for why you must do this. If you are a beginner player, you will certainly benefit from the higher 86-rated striker card. Although it does have its own disadvantages, the 5-star weak foot can make quite the difference in the current meta. The addition of a few more PlayStyles would’ve made this player a worthy pick in highly competitive games.

Furthermore, you must also note that this item will not follow the same upgrade path as other player items in the previous promos.

Shortly after this event went live, the devs made a Twitter post mentioning that this card has the potential to grow to an Overall Rating of 87 with a future objective.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live in EA Sports FC 24. Check out our other FIFA guides if you wish to know about more such events.

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