EA FC Ultimate Team: The Cheapest 84 to 88-Rated Players You Need to Check Out!


EA FC Ultimate Team: The Cheapest High Rated Players You Need to Check Out!

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Creating your Ultimate Team roster can be quite an expensive ordeal considering the dynamic nature of the FUT market.
Apart from creating your dream roster, these players can also be used to complete various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in Ultimate Team mode.

EA FC 24 has cemented its place in the list of football games, continuing its success even after departing from the well-known FIFA brand. FC 24 has brought significant changes to the football formula while also retaining and improving all of the fan-favorite game modes. One such is the Ultimate Team mode where players can build their dream 11 roster and compete in numerous matches to win exciting rewards.

If that sounds captivating, remember that you need to purchase your roster of players for FUT coins and it is certainly an expensive ordeal. Worry not, as this guide will provide you with the cheapest 84, 84, 86,87, and 88-rated players to begin your Ultimate Team adventures. Let’s delve into it!

The Cheapest 84, 85, 86, 87, and 88-Rated Players in EA FC 24

The Cheapest 84-Rated Players in EA FC

  • Serge Gnarby RM: 2,000 coins

  • Paulina Dudek CB: 1,400 coins

  • Ruben Neves CM: 1,300 coins

  • Aubrey Kingsbury GK: 2,000 coins

  • Yuki Nagasato CAM: 1,400 coins’

  • Chris Smalling CB: 2,000 coins

  • Matthias Ginter CB: 2,300 coins

  • Ruben Neves CDM: 2,500 coins

  • Luis Alberto CM: 2,400 coins

  • Cascarino RW: 2,400 coins

85 rated

The Cheapest 85-Rated Players in EA FC

  • Iago Aspas ST: 6,100 coins

  • Kingsley Coman LM: 6,200 coins

  • Florian Wirtz CAM: 5,700 coins

  • Merle Frohms GK:  5,700 coins

  • Rodrygo RW: 6,100 coins

  • Leon Goretzka CDM: 6,400 coins

  • Kadeisha Buchanan CB: 6,200 coins

  • Manuela Zinsberger GK: 5,600 coins

  • Andre Onana GK: 5,99 coins

  • Giovanni Di Lorenzo RB: 8,100 coins

86 rated

The Cheapest 86-Rated Players in EA FC

86-rated player cards can range anywhere between 10,000 to 25,000 coins depending on their version. While most normal versions can be found under 15,000 coins, the Hero variants such as the Da Marcus Beasley Hero card are currently going for a whopping 27,775 coins. Here are the cheapest ones:

  • Parejo CM: 10,750 coins

  • Lea Schuller ST: 10,500 coins

  • Pedri CM: 11,000 coins

  • Ashley Lawrence RB: 10,750 coins

  • Cristiano Ronaldo ST: 11,000 coins

  • Bukayo Saka RW: 10,500 coins

  • Mary Earps GK: 11,000 coins

  • Lauren Hemp LW: 10,750 coins

  •  Trent Alexander-Arnold RB: 11,250 coins

  • Jude Bellingham CM: 11,000 coins

Notable players from this list are Trent Alexander-Arnold, Parejo, Saka, and of course, the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. These footballers possess the best abilities in accordance with their positions and would work well in tandem.

87 rated

The Cheapest 87-Rated Players in EA FC

Although the normal variants of 87-rated cards can be found from 14,000 coins, the Hero and Icon versions of such cards can cost a pretty penny, ranging from 25,000 to 84,000 coins. Currently, the most expensive card seems to be the Hero-rated card of Ramires going for a staggering 917,000 coins. Here are the cheapest ones you can find:

  • Ewa Pajor ST: 14,000 coins

  • Rose Lavelle CAM: 21,250 coins

  • Fridolina Rolfo LB: 14,500 coins

  • Frenkie de Jong CM: 14,750 coins

  • Nwankwo Kanu CF: 25,500 coins (Hero version)

  • Manuel Neuer GK: 15,500 coins

  • Lucy Bronze RB: 14,000 coins

  • Lina Magull CAM: 20,000 coins

  • Heung Min Son LW: 14,500 coins

  • Mike Maignan GK: 15,000 coins

From this list, the players with the best abilities and stats for their positions seem to be  Heung Min Son, Nwankwo Kanu, Rose Lavelle, and Manuel Neuer. If you are looking for different variants and don’t mind spending a little more, you can also check out Sakina Karchaoui’s IF card and John Arne Riise’s Hero card which currently sell for 41,500 coins and 41,000 coins respectively.

88 rated

The Cheapest 88-Rated Players in EA FC

While most 87-rated cards are priced between 19,000 to 45,000 coins for their normal variants, other versions such as Hero, Icons, Radioactive, and more can have staggeringly high costs. An example of this would be the Patrick Vieira Icon card, currently priced at an astonishing 1.68 million coins. However, here are the most value-for-money cards that you can pick:

  • Ederson GK: 19,750 coins

  • Federico Valverede RW: 22,000 coins

  • Mario Gomez ST: 21,000 coins

  • Guro Reiten LW: 19,500 coins

  • Bruno Fernandes CAM: 19,750 coins 

  • Marie Katoto ST: 19,750 coins

  • Bixente Lizarazu LWB: 25,000 coins

  • Javier Mascherano CB: 27,750 coins

  • Ashleigh Neville RB: 17,050 coins

  • Wesley Sneijder CAM: 34,000 coins

The best of the bunch and the footballers offering the best stats for the price would be Eserson, Bruno Fernandes, Wesley Sneijder, Javier Mascherano, and Federico Valverede. If you wish to purchase one 88-rated Icon card, we recommend getting the Robin Van Persie card, currently priced at 74,500 coins. 

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