EA FC Mobile Shares FC Rivals Guide

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EA FC Mobile Shares FC Rivals Guide


The EA FC Mobile Rivals promo is the latest addition to the piling list of entertaining campaigns of the franchise.
While the Rulebreakers promo is keeping players busy, EA FC Mobile has launched another promo called the Rivals promo.
Here is your ultimate FC Rivals guide to know what the event entails and the rewards that you can earn from it.

EA FC Mobile’s latest addition to its series of promos is the FC Rivals promo. This promo brings in a lot of splendid cards for the football enthusiasts who play the game. While the Rulebreakers promo is in full swing, another promo is here to entertain players who want to do something new in the game. Rivals is a beloved event and if you’re not sure how you can go about it, worry not because EA FC Mobile has also shared an FC Rivals Guide for the players. 

In this article, we’ll share the guide with you and help you understand everything that the event entails. With both the Rulebreakers and FC Rivals event going on at the same time, players can enjoy an influx of special cards in their inventory. Here is your ultimate FC Rivals Guide. 

What is the Rivals Event in EA FC Mobile?

The Rivals event is a newly added promo to the game that brings in an opportunity for players to earn a range of special cards. Based on the team that you’ll support in this intense series of rivalries, you’ll get a chance to earn rewards for yourself. Play through weekly chapters and let those cards players slide in your roster! 

The event will last for a duration of 28 days, which means there will be 4 weekly chapters that you must participate in. Let us now take a look at what the event entails. 

The Ultimate FC Rivals Guide

EA FC Mobile took it to Twitter to share the FC Rivals Guide to the upcoming event, letting fans in on what to expect from it.

Here is everything you need to know about the Rivals event:

Event Progression:

This is how the event will take place:

  1. Earn Tokens: Complete your Daily Quests and Challenge Mode to acquire Blue Rivals Tokens. Additionally, you can open Rivals Packs in the Store and participate in Player Exchanges to gain Red Rivals Tokens.

  2. Claim Rewards: Use the Tokens you have accumulated to claim Rewards. Both Blue and Red Rivals Tokens come with their own premium Icon Player Rewards.

  3. Weekly Rivalries: Choose a club to support in the weekly chapters. Engage with the event, combat the weekly challenges, and earn the corresponding rewards.

Main Chapter:

The Main Chapter

The Main Chapter features two highlighted Rivals ICONs cards: 92 OVR LB Maldini and 92 OVR RB Zanetti. Complete exchanges, quests, challenge mode to progress through the game. Open Packs to earn both Blue and Red Rivals Tokens.

Use your Blue and Red Rivals Tokens to climb the ladder in the Reward Path and to claim the coveted 92 OVR ICONs.

Red Rewards

Red Rewards

Blue Rewards

Blue Rewards

Madrid Derby:

Now is the time to get decisive and make a critical decision in choosing which side to support in the Madrid Derby. This decision can be made only once and significantly influences your event rewards. Whether you choose to opt for Real Madrid to earn an 88 OVR CB Éder Militão or choose Atlético de Madrid for an 88 OVR CB José María Giménez—both rewards are untradeable.

Upon choosing your club, you can unlock daily Skill Games and Matches. Earn extra rivals points by finishing these tasks, which will further contribute to your progress on the Reward Path. Additionally, you can watch an ad node twice in a day to receive an extra 15 Rivals Points per completed task.

Claiming one reward unlocks the next in line. Secure all seven rewards to obtain the 88 OVR Milestone Player.

Next Chapters in FC Mobile Rivals

Anticipate what is to come weekly of the new chapters which will feature fresh players, challenges, and rewards.

  • Week 2: Argentina Super Derby and Riyadh Derby

  • Week 3: Manchester City Derby

  • Week 4: London Nemes

This is everything that the FC Rivals Guide is about! So, get ready to enter the football field with a blast after loads of preparation.

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