EA FC 24 FC Pro Live: New Promo, Upgrades & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>EA FC 24 FC Pro Live: New Promo Leaked, Upgrades &amp; More</p></div>
EA FC 24 FC Pro Live: New Promo Leaked, Upgrades &amp; More


FC Pro Live, the newest promo in EA FC 24, features players that will receive a boost in their stats through an esports player associated with them.
Here is everything we know about FC Pro Live in the game.

Its been almost two months since EA FC 24 was released, after splitting with FIFA post a long partnership between the two. Not a lot has changed but many new additions have been made to the game. Right on cue, following Triple Threat, EA has introduced a new promo called the EA FC 24 Pro Live.

EA said, "Weekly promotions offer some of the best items in FC24 to give both regular and pro players the chance to take their Ultimate Team to the next level, and at the dawn of the FC Pro Open, our latest offering will see items released and upgraded in a completely brand new way."

EA FC 24's latest promo is FC Pro Live and describing this, EA said, "Coming up after November’s Triple Threat promotion, the power is now being handed to the players, and their performances will dictate how many upgrades each item gets. This is FC Pro Live."

Here is everything you need to know about the EA FC 24 FC Pro Live event. 

FC Pro Live in EA FC 24: What Is It?

The FC Pro Live event is completely based on FC Pro Open, an esports event. Each card, in the promo, is tied to an esports competitor in that tournament, and receives upgrades based on their performance.

In this new promo, players at the FC Pro Open will be assigned an item across the entire competitive season, and the better they perform, the better that item will get, noted EA.

For example, Sadio Mane (Al Nassr) is tied to Alejandro "H1dalgo" Hidalgo and can receive up to five stats boosts including bonus FC 24 PlayStyles. However, this depends on how many matches Hidalgo wins during the esports tournament.

FC 24 FC Pro Live Upgrades

FC 24 FC Pro Live cards can receive up to five boosts. This is completely based on wins and qualification in the accompanying sports tournament.

FC Pro Live cards can earn both rating upgrades and PlayStyle upgrades. They are as follows:

  • 3 Points: +1 IF upgrade

  • 6 Points: 1 PlayStyle

  • 10 Points: +1 IF upgrade

  • Qualify: +1 IF upgrade + 1 PlayStyle

  • Win: +1 IF upgrade

 When does FC Pro Live begin?

The promotion began on Friday, 17th November and the FC Pro Live items were made available from the usual drop time of 13.00 EST / 18.00 GMT. It is scheduled to run for five days until Wednesday, 22nd November, so be sure to secure your items before the deadline. 

"You can begin collecting the items that you think will be a good fit for your team, as well as the ones assigned to the pro players that you are most confident in ahead of the upcoming FC Pro Open – which is their first major event of the season," said EA.

Notably, players can acquire items through packs, objectives and squad building challenges.

However, the first event is set to take place on 27th November as the FC Pro Open kicks off only then.

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