EA FC 24 Danny Welbeck SBC: Tasks and Cheapest Solutions

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EA FC 24 Danny Welbeck SBC: Tasks and Cheapest Solutions


The Danny Welbeck SBC in EA FC 24 will present players with two tasks; England and Top Form which require 83 and 85-rated players respectively.
Completing the entire SBC requires you to spend 86,99 Coins approximately and it must be done before 28th January 2024.

EA FC 24 brings numerous Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in its Ultimate Team mode, offering several rewards to players who complete them. The latest one is the Danny Welbeck SBC that brings the legendary English footballer who was a forward for the Premier League Club Brighton and Hove Albion. As usual, the game presents you with two different tasks, each rewarding you with a tradeable player pack. Let’s jump right in and take a look at all the tasks and cheapest solutions to complete this.

All Tasks to Complete the Danny Welbeck SBC in EA FC 24

Task 1: England

  • Minimum Team Overall Rating: 83

  • Minimum Number of Players from England: 1

  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Task 2: Top Form

  • Minimum Team Overall Rating: 85

  • Minimum Player of the Week: One

  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

These are Danny Welbeck's in-game stats in case you were wondering:

  • Position: ST

  • Overall Rating: 87

  • Pace: 91

  • Shooting: 88

  • Passing: 83

  • Dribbling: 89

  • Defending: 49

  • Physical: 80

  • Number of PlayStyles: 5

Cheapest Solutions to Complete the Danny Welbeck SBC in EA FC 24

Task 1 Solutions

  • Borja Iglesias ST: 83 OVR

  • Schick ST: 83 OVR

  • Kostic LM: 83 OVR

  • Pedro Gonclaves LW: 82 OVR

  • Fofana CM: 82 OVR

  • Jorginho CDM: 83 OVR

  • Livakovic GK: 82 OVR

  • Erceg CB: 81 OVR

  • Smalling CB: 84 OVR

  • Eriksen CM: 83 OVR

  • Meret GK: 83 OVR

Creating this aforementioned roster will require you to spend 11,600 Coins and you will be awarded a Tradeable Small Prime Electrum Players Pack which includes 3 Gold, 3 Silver, and 3 Rare players.

Task 2 Solutions

  • Eriksen CM: 83 OVR

  • Odegaard CAM: 87 OVR

  • Kostic LM: 83 OVR

  • Geyoro CM: 86 OVR

  • Ruben Neves CDM: 84 OVR

  • Brandt CAM: 84 OVR

  • Under RM: 84 OVR (Player of the Week)

  • Koulibaly CB: 84 OVR 

  • Ginter CB: 84 OVR

  • Gundogan CM: 86 OVR

  • Alex Remiro GK: 84 OVR

Creating the aforementioned squad requires you to spend 75,300 Coins and you will receive a Tradeable Jumbo Gold Pack for your endeavors which consists of 24 Gold items and consumables with 3 of them being Rares.

That is pretty much all it takes to complete the Danny Welbeck SBC in EA FC 24. Keep in mind that this SBC is only available until 28th January 2024. So if you consider yourself a big fan of the English Forward, this challenge is certainly worth it, considering its relatively low cost. Note that the aforementioned solutions were provided by EasySBC.

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