Cheapest 87 Rated Players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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Cheapest 87 Rated Players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team


Here’s how you can get the cheapest 87 rated players in FIFA 23 without overpaying for it.
Most of them can be secured from the premier league, especially from the top European leagues.

FIFA players are often faced with a dilemma when deciding which card to pick after completing an SBC. it can get pretty overwhelming as there are so many cards to choose from. We might end up overpaying for them without knowing which ones are the least expensive. If you are prepping for an upcoming SBC, that requires higher rating and chemistry, Here are some of the best 87 rated players in the game. Note that the price has been slightly increased to around 16,000 coins on Xbox and PlayStation to acquire a card with this rating.

Cheap and effective 87 rated players in FIFA 23

  • Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City/Germany) - 15,500 coins

  • Andrew Robertson (Liverpool/Scotland) - 15,750 coins

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold(Liverpool/England) - 16,000 coins

  • Rodri (Manchester City/Spain) - 16,000 coins

  • Thomas Muller(Bayern Munich/Germany) - 16,000 coins

  • David De Gea (Manchester United/Spain) - 16,000 coins

  • Marco Verratti (PSG/Italy) - 16,000 coins

  • Fabinho (Liverpool/Brazil) - 16,000 coins

  • Hugo Lloris(Spurs/France) - 16,000 coins

  • Leon Goretzka(Bayern munich/Germany) - 16,000 coins

The Premier League seems to provide the cheapest 87 rated players in the game with David De Gea, Hugo Lloris, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Rodri, Andrew Robertson and Fabinho all on the list.

Among this list, the ones that truly stands out are Rodri and Thomas Muller. Rodri's stats are versatile and well-rounded, making him match up with some of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 23. Muller also has some really decent stats for his rating, making him a viable option.

Please note that player prices in FIFA 23 can fluctuate depending on various factors such as in-game performance, availability, and the market demand. There is a limited selection of players available with a 87 rating if you are on a budget but the pool should increase over time. If budget is a concern you can look at 86-rated players as well which are not far off in terms of performance compared to players on this list.

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