Diablo Immortal Founding Discord Event: Dates, Times & Rewards


Diablo Immortal Founding Discord Event: Dates, Times & Rewards

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced a range of exciting updates for Diablo Immortal including the Founding Discord event.
During this time, players over level 30 will get access to additional content along with other players who will also get a 100% boost on their experience.
Updates to the Trial of the Hordes PvP mode is also coming this September.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new update for Diablo Immortal. This update features the Founding Discord limited-time event, updates to the Trial of the Hordes PvP mode, class wide changes, and much more. The  Founding Discord event will run from 14th September, 2023 to 25th September, 2023. 

Founding Discord Event: All the Details You Need

The event will take place between the dates of 14th September to 25th September. During this time, players over level 30 will be able to grab a look at the ‘next major update to arrive in Sanctuary, as stated by Blizzard News. Not only this, but players participating in the event will also receive a 100% boost on the experience gained during this event from the Battle Pass levels. 

Founding Discord limited-time event

Blizzard News has shared the following dates where players can redeem awards for themselves when they log into the game:

  • Day #2, September 15: 3 Rare Crests

  • Day #4, September 17: 1 Telluric Pearl

  • Day #8, September 21: 1 bound Legendary Crest

Other Updates on Diablo Immortal 

Apart from the highly awaited Founding Discord Event, Blizzard Entertainment is also adding an update to the Trial of the Hordes PvP mode. Several changes have been introduced to this comeback. These include the player’s inability to identify the opponent upon matching with them. Secondly, if players wish to requeue a match, they will no longer need to return to a safe zone or Westmarch. 

Trial of the Hordes

Others include some gameplay changes, like if two players remain alive at the end of the battle, the one with the most non-Elite monster kills will be the winner. And if there is a tie, the player with the least amount of damage is declared the winner. And if both of these conditions are tied by the end of the game, the player who makes the first kill will win the match. 

Upon completing weekly tasks, players will be able to unlock the following rewards for themselves

  • Complete 1 match: 3,000 Gold, 20 Scrap

  • Defeat 150 monsters: 3,000 Gold, 20 Scrap

  • Pick up 5 Combat Globes: 10,000 Gold, 20 Scrap

  • Defeat 1,000 monsters: 10,000 Gold, 50 Scrap

  • Defeat 2,000 monsters: 10,000 Gold, 50 Scrap

  • Win 3 matches: 10,000 Gold, 80 Scrap, and 1 random Legendary Item

Other Limited-Time Events

The Diablo Immortal Founding Discord Event is not the only one that Blizzard Entertainment is bringing this month. Two recurring events that will also be in the limelight are the Rising Damnation Limited-Time Event and All Clans on Deck. 

Rising Damnation Limited-Time Event
All Clans on Deck

The former event will run from 9th September 2023 to 17th September 2023 and will help players unveil special awards and milestones to complement their valor. The latter event will take place from 16th September 2023 to 24th September 2023 and will allow players to earn an abundance of rewards.

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