Diablo 4 Trading Guide


Diablo 4 Trading Guide: Item Restrictions, How to Trade, Etc

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In this article, you will learn about the Tradable and Non Tradable Items in Diablo 4 along with instructions on how to trade items with your trade partner.
Players can trade Common, Magic and Gold items along with Gold, Gems and Elixirs.

Trading is considered to be one of the most critical functions of Diablo 4 and it is marketed as its key feature. Players can receive top quality gear from trading and it would also let you earn gold by selling elixirs or some other rare type of gear.

Tradable and Non Tradable Items

Items in Diablo 4 can be classified into two types: Tradable and Non tradable.

A Non tradable item will be marked with Account Bound in the tooltip. Down below are some of the items that you can and cannot trade.


  • Common Items

  • Magic Items

  • Rare Items

  • Gold

  • Gems

  • Elixirs

        Non tradable

  • Legendary Items & Aspects

  • Unique Items

  • Enchanted Items

  • All currencies except Gold

  • Quest Items

How to Trade

  1. Send an Invite to your trade partner to join your party and get into the same world Instance.

  2. Approach your trade partner, open the action wheel and click on Invite to trade

  3. Upon accepting the request, the trade window opens.

  4. Both parties must put their negotiated items into the trade window, it is important to note that the items need to be present in your inventory to be placed in the trade window. Players won't be able to access their stash or worn items while trading.

  5. After all agreed items have been placed in the trade window, both parties must click on the Lock in offer button.

  6. After both players have locked in their offers, proceed to click on accept trade and complete the trade.

You can trade anywhere in the game world but you will run into the most players in Kyovashad. Make sure that you do not put in items you don’t want to trade and you should keep an eye out for players who change the items right before you confirm. 

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