Diablo 4 Inventory Trick: Here’s How You Can Save Some Space



Diablo 4 Inventory Trick: Here’s How You Can Save Some Space

Vignesh Raghuram
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Lack of inventory space in Diablo 4 frustrates players, hindering their ability to manage acquired items effectively.
A Reddit user shared a trick to free up inventory space by strategically placing Gems in salvageable gear, allowing players to retrieve the Gems without cost.
Some players suggest simply not picking up excess gems, as they don't stack beyond 50 and having a sufficient amount of the highest tier is enough.

The lack of inventory space in Diablo 4 has emerged as a frustrating issue plaguing players who find themselves unable to accommodate the multitude of valuable items acquired throughout their exhilarating adventures. Adding to the problem is the storage system's flawed approach to handling Gems, further compounding the challenge. With too few slots available for the diverse array of loot collected while traversing dungeons and caverns on their quests, players have been grappling with the burden of inventory management.

However, players have discovered a new inventory trick that could help somewhat manage this annoying inventory space problem.

Diablo 4 Inventory Trick to Free Up Space

The discovery was first shared on Reddit by a user named Born_Pension_8210, who revealed an ingenious method for acquiring a few extra inventory spaces before making the trip back to town. By strategically placing Gems within the gear designated for salvage, players could salvage the unsocketed Gems without incurring any cost.

The trick, which is both straightforward and highly advantageous, eliminates the need for dedicated inventory slots for Gems. By integrating these Gems into weapons and gear designated for salvaging, players can effortlessly reclaim the Gems without incurring any expenses (yes, they do not need to visit the jeweler to retrieve these gems). 

However, some skeptical Diablo 4 players raise concerns about this trick, emphasizing that using a portal to visit the blacksmith at any given moment during the game and returning without relying on such unconventional methods is a viable alternative. While the aforementioned trick undoubtedly saves time, whether it justifies the additional effort ultimately depends on the player's personal preference.

Others have pointed out that players can opt to just stop picking up gems altogether, considering that there is no pressing need for hundreds of them, especially when they stack only up to 50. 

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