Diablo 4 Devs Promise Better Unique Drop Rates, Sorcerer Buffs and More

Abhimannu Das
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Diablo 4 Campfire Chat


Diablo 4 will introduce gameplay, balance and quality-of-life changes starting this season to address the negative feedback regarding the latest balance update.
Loot, experience, class balance and other issues will be addressed in upcoming updates.

Diablo 4 developers hosted a livestream on 21st July after fans expressed unhappiness with the latest balance update and seasonal model. With every class becoming weaker than before due to nerfs, the power fantasy aspect of the game was hurt by the recent update according to players and the developers are looking to rectify it. The developers have promised over a dozen changes coming to the game in Season of the Malignant or in Season 2 that will hopefully address a lot of these player concerns.

Diablo 4’s 21st July Fireside Chat Stream Summarized:

If you missed the recent livestream, here’s a summary of everything that’s coming to the game this season or later: 

Balance Changes

  • Sorcerer and Barbarian will receive balance changes within the next few weeks.

  • The damage reduction system (armor and resistances) will undergo a rework in Season 2 for improved balance and gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

  • Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons will have higher mob density soon to make them feel more engaging.

  • The leveling experience from 50 to 100 will be looked at and we can expect changes to the experience offered by various activities.

  • Some tweaks to Nightmare Dungeons are set to roll out today (22nd July). 

Quality of Life Changes

  • The next patch will introduce an additional stash tab, and the elixir stack size will be increased to 99. Furthermore, Season 2 will bring a dedicated Gems tab for improved inventory management.

  • To encourage players to experiment with different builds, the cost of skill respec will be reduced by 40%.

  • In the future, players will have more opportunities to obtain Uber Uniques, as the drop rate will be slightly increased over time.

  • Players might be able to set up loadouts but it is not something that is currently in development as the developers are considering working on the feature.

  • Season Two will add a way to target farm Uniques.

  • The developers are looking at ways to improve gear customization.

  • Multiple types of loot goblins will be introduced and they will offer better loot.

Hopefully, some of these changes will address the concerns about the game for the latest balance update. The developers are not looking to revert nerfs made to things like Vulnerable Damage and various Aspects at the moment so do not expect them to revert your favorite build to its previous state anytime soon.

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