These Famous Indian Cricketers Are Gamers at Heart!


These Famous Indian Cricketers Are Gamers at Heart!

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been spotted playing games on flights multiple times, with some of his favorite on-the-go titles being Candy Crush, PUBG, etc.
Rohit Sharma has delved deep into the world of gaming, exploring multiplayer titles like PUBG and immersing himself in VR experiences.

Gaming in India has persevered through its past stigma and has emerged as a flourishing industry, captivating audiences across all demographics. While many used to consider video games as a mere pastime for kids, it now boasts a diverse and expansive fanbase, including India’s most celebrated cricketers taking it up as a hobby.

It was certainly a surprise to see some of the top stars on the field, embracing gaming as a recreational pursuit, and it only reflects its widespread appeal, acting as a bridge to merge various communities. Without further ado, let’s delve into the realm of Indian cricket and take a look at all the notable players who are passionate about gaming. 

Top Indian Cricketers Who Are Gamers!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Yep, you read that right! The former captain of the Indian cricket team and Chennai Super Kings (CSK), is an avid fan of games like FIFA, Call of Duty, PUBG, and Candy Crush. Captain Cool was spotted several times playing games on his mobile and tablet while traveling, with some instances of other cricketers joining him as well.

Virat Kohli

Another distinguished former captain of the Indian team and Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB), Virat Kohli stands out as a passionate gamer. Renowned as “King Kohli” among his fans, he has certainly shown his prowess on the field and we can be sure that his competitive spirit extends into the realm of gaming as well.

As a testament to his skills, MS Dhoni once jokingly remarked about Kohli being the one to instruct Manish Pandey to effectively play PUBG, hinting at his proficiency in the game.

Mohammed Shami

The right-arm fast bowler showcases serious skills on and off the pitch and has been spotted playing PUBG Mobile with other members of the Indian national cricket team. As reported by Sportskeeda, Shami has been referred to as the “tab player” as he always carries a tablet device with him. While he initially played the game with his brother, he later joined the national team’s PUBG group to decimate players with a sniper.

Rohit Sharma

Besides being one of the greatest batsmen of his generation, Rohit Sharma has also explored the depths of the gaming world, from playing strategic online games like PUBG mobile to immersing himself in single-player VR games. He mentioned that he picks up sports games like FIFA in his downtime as well.

Shikhar Dhawan

In addition to his explosive left-handed batting style and charming personality, Shikhar Dhawan has also delved into the realm of video games, particularly picking up PUBG during his downtime. He was recently spotted playing retro arcade games with wicket-keeper and batsman Rishab Pant, demonstrating his willingness and passion to explore various game genres, from modern-day battle royales to nostalgic arcade titles.

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