Pixel P&L: Jio Challenges YouTube and Twitch

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Pixel P&amp;L: Jio Challenges YouTube and Twitch</p></div>
Pixel P&amp;L: Jio Challenges YouTube and Twitch


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Good Evening. It's Friday, May 17, and we're covering JioGames’s Twitch/YouTube Gaming competitor opening a creator program, Valve's rumored upcoming title, and more.

Jio Introduces Partner Program for its YouTube and Twitch Competitor

JioGamesWatch, part of the JioGames ecosystem, is launching a new partner program to attract content creators, marking a significant shift from its initial positioning as a free, accessible alternative to Twitch and YouTube. Under the new program, creators can earn 50% of ad revenue generated through their streams. While this revenue share is slightly lower than the 55% offered by Twitch and YouTube, JioGamesWatch aims to entice creators with unique perks and a growing local audience.

In comparison, Kick, another emerging platform, offers a more generous 95% revenue share, setting a high bar for competition. Despite JioGamesWatch's lower ad revenue split, the partner program offers several attractive incentives. Creators must meet specific requirements, including 150 hours of stream time, 20,000 minutes of watch time, at least 100 followers, and a minimum of five average concurrent viewers. Successful partners will enjoy benefits such as being featured as "Creator of the Month," invitations to exclusive Creator Showdowns, and participation in offline JioGames events. 

New Details Emerge on Valve’s Upcoming Game, "Deadlock"

Fresh insights have surfaced about Valve's new game, now officially titled "Deadlock." Previously referred to as "Neon Prime" and "Citadel" during its development, the game is generating significant buzz.

According to Twitter user Gabe Follower, "Deadlock" will be a 6 vs. 6 third-person hero shooter featuring a large map with four lanes incorporating tower defense mechanics, as well as various items and abilities. Gabe Follower describes the setting as a blend of fantasy and steampunk, with magicians, peculiar creatures, and robots. Additionally, the game will offer fast travel via floating rails, reminiscent of "Bioshock Infinite." As of this writing, Valve has not confirmed these details, and the information has not been independently verified by AFK Gaming. 

Valve's experienced success in South Asia in the past with titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO which still command a large player base in the region. The recent release of CS2 has also impacted the local esports scene with Skyesports hosting a multitude of tournaments featuring cumulative prize pools in excess of $350k USD. The introduction of "Deadlock" is exciting news for South Asian gaming stakeholders, promising new opportunities and potential growth in the competitive landscape.

Quick Bytes

BGMI Unveils Mumbai Indians Crossover Event

BGMI introduces a Mumbai Indians crossover, delighting IPL fans. Players can now acquire Mumbai Indians-themed outfits, capes, backpacks, parachutes, helmets, and exclusive DP28 and Dacia vehicle skins. Available until June 6, 2024, this update offers a unique blend of esports and cricket fandom, enhancing the gaming experience for Mumbai Indians supporters.

Orangutan Esports Partners with Cloud9 Energy

Indian esports organization Orangutan Esports has announced a partnership with Cloud9 Energy, a rising energy drink brand. This collaboration aims to invigorate gamers and the broader gaming community in India. Cloud9 Energy will be the official energy drink partner for the 2024-2025 esports season, reflecting a shared vision to enhance and energize the Indian gaming scene.

Indus Hosts First Nationwide Esports Tournament

Made-in-India battle royale game Indus, developed by SuperGaming, is launching its inaugural nationwide grassroots esports tournament, Indus Inferno. The tournament offers players a chance to compete at the highest skill level with a prize pool of INR 5 Lakhs($6k USD). The Indus Inferno Finale, set for June 1, includes top teams and scouts from India’s leading esports organizations. Pre-registrations for Indus on Google Play have surpassed 10 million, reflecting the game’s growing popularity.

Take-Two Confirms No Grand Theft Auto 6 This Fiscal Year

Take-Two's Q4 2024 earnings report reveals Grand Theft Auto VI will release in fall 2025, narrowing the previous 2025 calendar window. The Grand Theft Auto series, particularly its RolePlay mods for GTA V, has seen immense success in India, driven by the SoulCity server created through a collaboration between S8UL Esports and Velocity Gaming. This server designed to provide a unique and immersive roleplaying experience for the Indian gaming community, has proven to be a lynchpin behind the success of the genre in India.

TALON Partners with Stream to Enhance Digital Content

Southeast Asian esports organization TALON has announced a strategic partnership with Stream, an open platform for live, interactive experiences. This collaboration aims to boost Stream’s growth by leveraging TALON’s network of KOLs and players. Stream’s browser extension will introduce interactive features like mini-games and live quizzes. TALON will lead marketing efforts and integrate Stream into their content, enhancing engagement and monetization opportunities. 

Did You Know?

The highest peak viewership for a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament was achieved with the “The Launch Party” which only featured a INR 6 Lakh ($8.03k) prize pool. The tournament was hosted to commemorate the launch of BGMI and was only streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

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