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Interview with Sid: An Inside Look Into S8UL Esports, Indian Esports, and More

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In the world of esports, it’s the players who take center stage, but behind the scenes, a lot goes on to make a team successful. The manager of every organization plays a crucial role in fostering talent, building a strong team, and making sure that it is a well-oiled machine. One name that has become synonymous with successful esports management in India is Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the manager of S8UL Esports. Recently, S8UL Esports reclaimed its position as one of the top Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) teams after winning the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS).

AFK Gaming had the opportunity to catch up with Sid to talk about his professional journey in esports and touch upon his fashion choices. Sid shared insights on S8UL Esports, the esports titles he follows, his sneaker collection, BGMI’s potential return, and much more.

From a rival to a family member: Sid’s entry into S8UL Esports

Sid is a well-known figure in the Indian esports community, known for his expertise in managing top-notch Indian esports organizations. However, his journey to success was not without its challenges. He began his esports career as a League of Legends (LoL) pro player, but later realized his passion for fostering esports talent through a managerial role. After managing esports teams of numerous Indian organizations, including Entity Gaming, NeckBREAK Gaming, and an international organization, TSM Entity, Sid has now assumed charge of one of the most reputable organizations in India, S8UL Esports.

Before joining S8UL Esports, Sid was the manager of TSM Entity, a direct competitor of S8UL Esports. However, for Sid, the transition to S8UL Esports did not feel like entering the territory of a rival. Instead, it felt like joining a new family. Sid noted that he has had only had positive experiences after joining S8UL and that they have greatly enhanced his professional and personal growth.

“Oh! Everything changed for me when I got into S8UL Esports. I figured out I had so many new qualities that I wasn’t aware of. First of all, even though I came from a competitor, it felt like I was being invited into a family. Felt like I was with people I’ve known for the longest time. I did not feel like an outsider. It was really good to be welcomed like that in S8UL. I knew Thug for a very long time, but I did not know Goldy at all. But the way he welcomed me, it felt really good. It motivated me a lot,” he said.

An inside look into the S8UL Esports Gaming House

As the Esports Manager of S8UL Esports, Sid has a unique perspective on the inner workings of the organization. Sid offered a candid look at the current atmosphere of the S8UL Gaming House, where the team’s creators and players come together to plan, create content, practice esports titles, and strategize. Despite some recent struggles, Sid noted that the energy and enthusiasm of the members had created a positive and productive environment. With everyone now back to the bootcamp, everyone is ready to take on new challenges and push their limits to achieve success. “The last two or three months were a little slow at the S8UL Gaming House because we didn’t have all the creators in the house. Three or four days ago, everybody returned. We have about 16-17 creators right now, so the mood is super energetic. Everyone is thinking about new ideas, new reels, how to stream, what to stream, and when to stream. So it’s a very energetic atmosphere right now. Even if I’m feeling down, there are six people around me who are feeling very energetic. So the energy comes on to me, and there’s a transfer,” he said.

Exploring the many facets of esports

After Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was taken down from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, the BGMI esports scene became stagnant. Being the manager of a BGMI-centric esports organization, Sid didn’t have much on his plate then. As a result, he started to focus on content creation and quickly gained widespread recognition in the community. 

Despite his success in content creation, his passion for esports has remained strong. Sid opened up about the struggles of being away from the esports scene and how he navigated the pressures of content creation. He shared his thoughts on transitioning from an esports manager to a content creator and how he has adapted to the new challenges he faced in his new venture. “I still don’t think I’m a content creator. I don’t like to call myself one. Mostly because esports is still my first love, and it’s been very hard for me the last two or three months without it. Even though I’m making good money and everything is working fine, not being a part of esports still hurts a lot,” he said. Sid believed that content creation and esports are in different ballparks and that content creation adds a little bit more pressure. However, he stated that he thrives under pressure and is happy with where he is currently.

Sid Reveals His Content Creation Goals for 2023

Sid’s unwavering love for esports

Sid has always had a deep passion for competitive gaming despite facing obstacles and setbacks in his professional journey. Talking about esports, the S8UL Esports manager named some of the other titles he follows regularly. “I have always loved Dota 2. So I still follow Dota. I still follow all the teams; I still follow what Entity Gaming is doing. Plus, I am also really enjoying Valorant. So Valorant and Dota two are the two main esports titles that I have been following: international circuits and Indian circuits.” Additionally, Sid also stated that he tries his best to make it to most LAN events in India.

Sid’s take on the emergence of New State Mobile

As the Indian esports community eagerly awaits the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the looming question happens to be what the future holds for BGMI esports. Amid this uncertainty, Krafton’s New State Mobile has emerged as a potential competitor or perhaps a replacement for BGMI. Sid weighed in on the topic and shared his thoughts on whether New State Mobile could potentially replace BGMI. He believed that if BGMI fails to return, New State Mobile will eventually rise as the go-to alternative. “I honestly think it has potential if BGMI does not come back for the next three, four months. If BGMI comes back in the next one or two months, I don’t think New State is going to pick up that well. Mostly because it doesn’t have the numbers,” he said.

A Cinderella story, but with sneakers

Not only is Sid known for his passion for gaming but also for his extensive sneaker collection, which he has been carefully curating over the last one-and-a-half years. What truly sets Sid’s collection apart is the inspiring story behind it. He went from not being able to afford a single sneaker to now having an impressive collection.

“I’m just actually building my display for it right now. I have around 40- 45 sneakers, and I know the community likes watching my sneakers. Even at meet-and-greets, people come up to me and talk to me about my sneaker collection. What I want people to actually look at when they look at my sneakers is the fact that two years ago, I did not have money to purchase a single sneaker that I have right now.” He added that the collection has come together in the last one and a half years and hoped that fans would acknowledge that it was only possible because of hard work. 

We also picked his brain and asked for his three favorite sneakers. He said, “My favorite sneaker is going to be my first one, the Bio Hack (Jordan Air Jordan 1 High OG Bio Hack Sneakers). I don’t wear it a lot, but it’s still very close to my heart. The second is a Strangelove (Nike SB Dunk Low Strangelove), which I’m wearing right now. These go well with any outfit. The third one would probably be my Balenciaga’s. They’re very heavy, but they make me five inches taller, so I like them,” he said.

Sid calls for collaboration in the Indian esports scene

As the Indian esports scene continues to evolve, Sid believes that the one aspect it still needs is collaboration among organizations. Sid highlighted the lack of willingness among Indian organizations to seek help and work together. This, he believes, hinders the growth and development of the scene as a whole and, ultimately, limits the ability to provide a top-notch experience for fans and brands alike. “Even though you see the G2-Fnatic rivalry or any other rivalry, under the table, they are working together to give the viewers a good show. I don’t think that happens in India a lot. TOs (tournament organizers) should also be asking for help from the TOs that have existed in the past. So that there are no sh** shows,” he said.

Sid weighs in on the potential return of BGMI

Finally, we couldn’t let go of Sid without asking him about the hottest topic in the Indian gaming community: BGMI’s potential return. We asked him if he had anything to share with fans who are eagerly waiting for the game to return. “Honestly, I don’t have any leaks to give them. I’ve been hearing things, but I don’t know how legitimate they are. All I can say is don’t lose hope.” He added that nobody knows what the future holds and appealed to fans to explore other games meanwhile.

“Start playing MOBAs. There are some good MOBAs out there. There are some new battle royales coming out, like Indus. There’s New State Mobile around as well. I just feel like you guys need to at least try and give other games also a chance,” he said.

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