ESI Digital Summer - Event Preview

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 14 Aug 2020, 02:39 PM

The Esports Insider Digital Summer is upon us and is set to kick off on August 17. The four day event will feature panelists and industry experts from various regions and verticals as they go through a diverse array of topics and discussions. To accommodate speakers and attendees from different regions, the event will cater to specific regions on specific days: 

August 17 - APAC

August 18 - Middle East

August 19 - Europe

August 20 - Latin America

Attendees will also get opportunities to watch the panel discussions and engage with the speakers via questions and queries. Additionally, there is also an option to use the Brella platform to network with other industry folk and attendees. This is a good opportunity for those interested in the business of esports and are looking to understand the market and the opportunities as well as connect with other like-minded individuals. 

We take a look at some of the key panel discussions taking place on the APAC day, that might interest our audience. The full schedule can be found here and you can visit the official website to register and find more information on the event. 

The Rise of Esports Viewership in APAC

This one should be of particular interest to everyone across the board as viewership is a important number across all of esports. Be it sponsors, tournament organizers, publishers, game developers and team owners, viewership is pretty much the one thing that drives growth in the esports sector. This panel will focus on some of the factors leading to the rise in numbers in APAC, how to leverage them and how to continue growing. 

The Ambitions and Challenges of Western Teams in South Asia

Another interesting topic and some key perspective on organizations coming to South Asia in order to discover a new market. The diversity within the region, affinity to mobile titles, need for localizing both content and approach makes South Asia one of the most difficult regions for organizations born and bred in North America and Europe. 

Riot Games APAC Update

Riot's plans in the APAC region are going to be crucial in developing a sustainable and successful esports model. A company known for one of the most comprehensive and well structured esports models in League of Legends, Riot's plans for VALORANT and Wild Rift include Asia in a big way. This will be interesting to not just business oriented folks but for the gamers as well. 

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