Interview with GOSU.AI: " Competition is the engine of progress. Dota plus has a lot of great features, but players need more."

Interview with GOSU.AI: " Competition is the engine of progress. Dota plus has a lot of great features, but players need more."

Vignesh Raghuram
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GOSU.AI has been one of the most intriguing products in esports titles, over the past few years. It offered detailed post-match analysis, with recommendations on items, strategies and playstyle allowing multiple casual players to improve themselves.

Now they have announced that they will be introducing a new feature to the product from 5th December 2019:  A virtual AI-driven voice assistant which gives real-time feedback based on context and proactively provides tips and strategies to give users the best shot at winning the game.

We had the opportunity to talk to Alisa Chumachenko creator of GOSU AI and talk about the product and its features.

Q. Can you give us an overview of how GOSU AI functions? How is the current version different from previous versions?

Chumachenko: Starting from 2018, we are actively developing the functionality of the service, first was Post-Match analysis which includes Infographics, Different game aspects, Personal advice, User profiles.

In 2019, a lot of work was done in the direction of Training platform, it included Task to accomplish, achievements, real prizes for users who accomplished all the tasks.

In 2020 we plan to improve the current functionality as well as work on Voice Assistant desktop app which will include proactive interaction, Entertainment, Third-party services, users matching, anti-cheat and news.

Q. How much computing resources does it cost to run GOSU AI for One Player?

Chumachenko: In fact, our products do not require a lot of resources. For example, GOSU Assistant for League of Legends requires only 300MB Disk Space, 100MB RAM, ~0 CPU.but this does not reduce their quality and efficiency.

Q. Is there a premium version available? How do you plan to monetize?

Chumachenko: We use the subscription model. Gamers can use the application for free and get useful information, guides, reviews and analysis of games that also helps them to play better and more productive, but some content and functions are available only to premium users

Q. Can you provide us with any info about DAUs/MAUs or number of active users in general?

Chumachenko: Yes, of course, at the moment these figures are: 400k Monthly Active Users, 50k Daily Active Users

Q. When there are new patches and new meta, How does GOSU AI adapt to these changes?

Chumachenko: We use data about users matches and we listen to each feedback from their side.

In our team, there are professional players who help to adapt the service for each patch in the shortest possible time. These are former eSports players who have a unique experience and can make our service really useful for gamers.

Q. Are you planning on branching out into other games (Other than Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG)?

Chumachenko: Yes, we are launching the first of its kind GOSU Voice Assistant for the League of Legends, which will be in a real-time mode and will help players with all aspects of the game.

Q. Your service might compete with products like Dota Plus, How do you tackle this challenge?

Chumachenko: Competition is the engine of progress. Dota plus has a lot of great features, but players need more.

Q. Do you plan to collaborate with game developers like Valve or Tencent to integrate GOSU AI with their products?

Chumachenko: Yes, we are working on it and we believe that this will have a positive impact on the quality of work on both sides.

The GOSU.AI update featuring the voice assistant and real-time feedback will launch on 5th December 2019.

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