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ZETA Division Enters Valorant Game Changers Circuit

Abhimannu Das
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ZETA Division has its eyes set on the first ever Japanese Game Changers championship taking place next month.
The team will debut at the upcoming Game Changers Japan event that will commence on 7th August.
If the team wins the Japanese Game Changers event, it will get a chance to participate in the East Asia regional event.

ZETA Division is a wildly popular esports organization in Japan, and it has helped popularize Valorant in the country. It is now expanding into women’s Valorant esports with the signing of its first Game Changers team. ZETA started its search for a women’s team on 15th June and it has signed five players after trials. Suzu, aco, Moco, romia, and flappy (full names withheld by the organization) have joined the new Game Changers team and will be competing in local and international events.

The new team will compete in Valorant Game Changers: Japan

ZETA revealed the “team was established to create a diverse competition scene where everyone can play an equally active role by utilizing the experience and knowledge of the VALORANT division, which has fought in the world so far.”

If you want to know more about the players who joined the roster, you can find out interesting facts on the official ZETA Division blog which shares interesting personal facts about the players. Aco will be taking up the in-game leadership role and the player specializes in Omen. Moco is an Apex Legends Predator-ranked player (top 750 in the world). The team currently has its eyes set on the national championship, which is the number one goal for ZETA Division according to the press release.

The team will be competing in Valorant Game Changers: Japan starting 7th August. The event will kick off with an open qualifier with players competing for a $7,200 USD prize pool. The top two teams from Japan will then qualify for the East Asia circuit of Valorant Game Changers.

If ZETA Division wins at the East Asia event, it will qualify for the first-ever women’s Valorant world championship which will take place in November. The Game Changers Championship is set to commence on 11th November in Berlin and it will conclude on 15th November.

The team will debut on 30th July at the Game Changers Japan qualifiers. Fans can check out the event at the official Valorant Japan YouTube channel. The group stage and playoffs matches will also be streamed on the official Valorant Japan Twitch channel.

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