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Young Valorant Player Nishil Shah Wins Tournament Game From Hospital Bed

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games took notice of the player's achievement and rewarded him with a gun buddy and Valorant Points.
Shah plays for Old Dominion University and competes in the official Collegiate Valorant Circuit.
He helped his team secure a clean 2-0 victory against his opponents.

Esports players are known to be dedicated to their respective games but a young Valorant collegiate-level player took things to the next level after winning a game from a hospital bed. Nishil Shah from Virginia was admitted to a hospital due to a medical emergency and he still managed to play and complete two matches from the hospital bed with a laptop on a food tray.

Shah played without a mousepad and decent hardware and still carried his team

Shah plays competitively for his college and was scheduled to compete in a tournament when he was hospitalized. Despite being aware of the situation, the enemy team denied rescheduling the game and regretted it later after Shah helped his team secure a clean 2-0 victory.

The player is suffering from pancreatitis and both his physical and mental functions are affected because of it. He used a laptop on his hospital food tray and used his sister’s laptop cover as a makeshift mousepad. From lag to low FPS, the player experienced all kinds of issues but still managed to secure a win. 

Shah plays for Old Dominion University and competes in the official Collegiate Valorant Circuit. His university, teammates, and friends acknowledged his dedication and praised him on Twitter. His teammate/friend Derek Evans said on Twitter, “Broke my boy’s back from having him carry me all the time. I am glad he can still carry in the hospital.”

Mid-series, the player needed to get some vaccine shots and an IV (Intravenous Fluid) change and he kept communicating with his teammates amidst all of the chaos. The Valorant community was pleasantly surprised by Shah’s dedication to completing the games despite being unwell and combating his medical condition.

Even Riot Games has taken notice of the player’s feat and has gifted him a gun buddy and Valorant Points for his efforts. So the next time your teammates complain about being unable to play properly due to lag or low FPS, you can show them this story of how a player bypassed all odds and managed to carry his team. 

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