[Watch] SkRossi Dominates the Server With Crisp One Taps and Insane Flicks

A true beast in the server.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>SkRossi Dominates Valorant Deathmatch Server </p></div>
SkRossi Dominates Valorant Deathmatch Server


SkRossi shows what a beast he is in the server by dominating a Valorant deathmatch lobby.
SkRossi hit some insane flicks with an Operator and then switched to a Vandal to land some crisp one taps.

The face of Valorant in South Asia, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar, is one of the most talented players to have come out from the region and once in a while he likes to give a reminder to everyone.

2023 is going to be a huge year for both SkRossi and Global Esports, having bagged a franchise slot for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 circuit. The 25-year-old is leaving no loose ends in his preparations for the upcoming international tournaments and a glimpse of this was noticed during a recent deathmatch session.

Despite being a part of his daily training routine, SkRossi was delivering his absolute best, dominating the lobby with his insane Operator skills followed by some crisp one taps with the Vandal.

SkRossi dominates a deathmatch lobby with insane Operator flicks and crisp Vandal one taps

Playing in a deathmatch lobby is not that big of a deal for any professional or casual player because it is a game mode that everyone enjoys playing as part of their routine warmup session.

For the pros, this might be slightly different because it also becomes a part of their daily training schedule and they might take it a bit seriously to find their groove before practicing certain plans during a scrim session.

SkRossi was definitely just having fun this time, enjoying his time in a deathmatch lobby and he was still destorying everyone with both an Operator (his favorite/primary weapon) and Vandal (side dish for the save rounds).

Some of the flicks that he was landing were unreal, showcasing how refined his skills are with an Operator. They way he was standing in the middle and just swiveling around finding kills, goes on to show his presence of mind and game sense.

Even after switching to a Vandal, he was unstoppable, starting with a few spray kills and then hitting a few clean one-taps, some of which were even hard to catch as a viewer and required a replay.

A player needs 40 kills to win a deathmatch lobby and when SkRossi finished first, the player closest to him only had 25 frags, which goes on to show what a beast this guy is in the server.

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