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Warzone Streamer Rallied Accused of Racism and Mental Abuse

Abhimannu Das
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Warzone content creator Patryk ‘Rallied’ Salata has been accused by an anonymous Twitter user of racism.
A clip surfaced online where Rallied is allegedly toxic towards black people and he threatens them with violence.
Multiple ex-partners of Rallied also called him out for mental abuse, after which the content creator made a response post to address the allegations.

Warzone content creator Patryk ‘Rallied’ Salata has been accused of being mentally abusive by multiple former partners. A recent video of Rallied also surfaced online where he allegedly uses racial slurs. The content creator has competed in Call of Duty esports in the past and has been a part of OpTic Gaming’s content team. He no longer competes but he continues to stream Warzone full time. A number of tweets surfaced on 29th and 30th September that condemned Rallied for alleged mental abuse. The content creator has responded to the accusations made against him and has apologized to his fans.

Racism accusations against Rallied

On 30th September, a Twitter user posted a video of Rallied allegedly making racist remarks. It caught the attention of Rallied’s former partner Isla who condemned his actions. The video does not explicitly show Rallied’s face but the video states that it is the content creator who is speaking throughout the clip. In the clip, Rallied allegedly refers to black people as “little monkeys” and calls a black woman a “big orangutan”. He also threatens violence.

Rallied claimed that he has “no recollection of ever saying anything like this” in his entire life and he said that he will have answers for everyone tomorrow. It remains to be seen how Rallied responds to the racism allegations made against him.

After some time he posted a Twitlonger stating that he was in a place of alcoholism and depression and he does not recollect making the statements. He said that he will be getting legal counsel to look at the clip to identify if the accusations are true or if the video has been tampered with.

Mental abuse allegations against Rallied

The video accusing Rallied of racism led to Rallied’s former partners calling him out for alleged mental abuse. One of his ex-partners ‘Isla’ shared screenshots of conversations where Rallied allegedly tells her that she has the “mental capacity of a 6-year-old.”

Another former partner of Rallied, ‘azalialexi’ claimed that Rallied accused her of giving her an STI and claimed that “he lied and spread rumors about me after I cut him off.” She also claimed that Rallied never apologized for his actions and that he did not own up to his actions.

Rallied responded to the allegations in the Twitlonger stating, “I am not the man these ladies are trying to paint me as and it seems that every time I'm genuinely happy they try to do something to ruin my life. This is truly some sadistic behavior and I hope both of you guys find happiness with yourselves so you can just forgive and forget and go on living the rest of your lives instead of being so worried about mine.”

It remains to be seen what Rallied’s response is to the racism allegations and what the outcome of his legal counsel is.

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