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Warzone Receives Its “Final” Content Update

Abhimannu Das
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All modes that released over the years will be playable again until 20th October.
Two new weapons have been added to the game along with multiple new solo modes.
While no major content update will come to Warzone, bug fixes and tweaks may still be added until Warzone 2.0 releases.

Call of Duty: Warzone is entering its final stages as we ready up for Warzone 2.0. This will be the final major content update and we will not be receiving any significant updates until the release of Warzone 2.0. Bug fixes and other minor changes will continue to be made until players move to the next chapter of Warzone. A new Last Stand event has already started that will allow players to experience all of the content that was released, since Warzone’s release, for the very last time until 20th October.

All game modes make a return during Warzone’s final weeks

Playlist rotations will occur every week and a variant of Plunder will also rotate along with them. The developers are improving support for Solo players by adding some limited-time Solo modes back into the mix. Here’s a full list of events that you can experience until 20th October:

Battle Royale Solos will cycle through different variants each week: 

  • Buy Back Solos

  • Battle Royale Solos

  • Champion of Caldera Solos

Regarding the “Greatest Hits” LTMs (Limited Time Modes), players can expect to enjoy the following appearing in rotation throughout the remainder of the season as we move away from daily rotations and back to weekly rotations:


  • Rebirth Blood Money

  • Rebirth Payload (In-Season)


  • Caldera Iron Trials

  • Caldera Resurgence

  • Golden Plunder

  • Clash

  • Champion of Caldera

  • Battle Royale Buy Backs

  • Sticks & Stones (In-Season)

Rebirth Resurgence and Caldera Mini-Royale are also making a return with some tweaks to promote fast-paced action. In addition to new modes, we are also getting two weapons:

  • BP50: Assault Rifle (VG)

    • This fully automatic bullpup assault rifle boasts a high fire rate while remaining deadly and accurate at long range.

  • Lienna 57: Light Machine Gun (VG)

    • This compact LMG is capable of high accuracy during sustained fire at short to medium ranges.

Most importantly, there are tons of quality of life changes that are being added including a Recommended Weapons feature which will now be rolled out to all players instead of select players only.

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