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Victoria Vector: Potential Valorant Agent Teased in Undercity Weapon Skin Bundle

Abhimannu Das
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Victoria Vector might be an upcoming agent who is being teased by Riot Games in the Undercity skin lineup.
Vector was also seen in the recent Jett music video which was released as part of Valorant's takeover event.
If she is a playable character, Victoria Vector will not be available before Episode 4 Act 3.

Victoria Vector might be Valorant’s next agent with Riot Games teasing her release in the Undercity skin bundle and Jett’s new music video. Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 is almost here and while we know Riot Games will not be releasing a new agent or map with the upcoming update, it has not stopped the publisher from teasing the unreleased character. Fans quickly identified the unknown character as potentially 'Victoria Vector' in the recent teasers and are trying to figure out who she is.

Who is Victoria Vector in Valorant?

The name Victoria Vector shows up multiple times in the Jett music video and the mysterious character also shows up in the new Undercity skin line. That is all we know about her for now and we expect Riot Games to drop more teasers about her in the future.

The image of the character has caught the attention of Valorant fans and one of the fan theories suggests that a League of Legends crossover might be coming soon. The character looks very similar to Vi from League of Legends, who was also one of the protagonists in League of Legends’ TV show ‘Arcane’. The naming could be intentional.

Victoria Vector Valorant

Another aspect that lends credence to the theory is that the new skin lineup is called Undercity, which is the name of the location where most of Arcane takes place in. The city of Zaun was formerly known as the Undercity until Piltover gave the place its freedom thanks to the efforts of Silco and his crew.

Riot Games is yet to hint at either an upcoming agent in Valorant or a League of Legends crossover which could lead to Victoria Vector making an appearance in-game. Although the publisher has said that it wants to keep Valorant’s storyline completely separate from League of Legends’ Runeterra universe, that hasn’t stopped crossover events from taking place. Last year, we had the Ruination crossover event which took place in all of Riot’s titles.

When will Victoria Vector be released in Valorant?

Riot Games has confirmed that we will not be receiving a map or agent in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 which is expected to launch on 1st March 2022. If Victoria Vector is indeed an agent, the earliest we can expect her to appear in-game is in May when Episode 4 Act 3 launches.

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