VCS Winter Split to Take Place This Year Following Vietnam’s Absence From Worlds 2021

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VCS Winter Split 2021
Vietnam Championship Series is set to host a Winter Split event later this year with eight franchised teams.
The event was announced after Vietnam was unable to compete in Worlds 2021 due to visa issues preventing players from traveling for the world championship.
The upcoming Winter Split event will take place from 16th November to 31st December.

League of Legends’ Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) did not host its 2021 Summer Split this year and it led to the region not being in contention for Worlds 2021. After a long period of uncertainty around League of Legends esports in Vietnam primarily due to the country going into a fresh lockdown since June 2021, League fans have been missing out on esports events in the country.

The top two Vietnamese teams, GAM Esports and Saigon Buffalo, were supposed to compete in Worlds but acquiring visas to head out of the country proved to be a challenge. However, a new VCS Winter Split event will be hosted later this year featuring eight franchised teams who will be competing in a regular double-round robin format event for six weeks.

Vietnam Championship Series Winter Split 2021 Overview

An official announcement on the Vietnam Championship Series Facebook page revealed that the upcoming event will be hosted from 16th November to 31st December. Fans will have six days of matches to look forward to every week. While it might not be the Worlds 2021 experience Vietnamese fans had been hoping for, it should be something to look forward to considering the country’s absence from LAN based international League events.

The VCS Winter will feature the following franchised teams:

  • GAM Esports

  • Saigon Buffalo

  • Team Secret

  • CERBERUS Esports

  • SBTC Esports

  • Team Flash

  • Burst the Sky Esports

  • Luxury Esports

The VCS Summer Split which was supposed to take place earlier this year was delayed in June. In July, the Vietnamese government extended the lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City along with 19 other cities and provinces. Despite being successful at containing the pandemic, Vietnam faced a rise in infections and there is no word on when League of Legends’ esports events will continue as per their normal schedules.

With too many delays in hosting the Summer Split, VCS did not have enough time to host enough Worlds 2021 qualification events. There has not been a single official pro match since the 2021 Spring Split but things are slowly getting back to normalcy within the country.

Vietnam Championship Series Winter Split 2021: Where to watch

The Vietnam Championship Series will be streamed live on the official VCS Twitch channel.


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