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Valorant’s Snowball Fight Mode Returns Until 11th January

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games conducted a poll for Valorant fans to vote for their favorite limited-time mode to come into the game for the holiday season.
The Snowball Fight mode ended up winning the votes and has been added to the game until 11th January 2022.
Players are put into a 5v5 team deathmatch with a snowball launcher as the weapon of choice and no other guns whatsoever.

With the holiday season around the corner, Valorant is bringing back the limited-time game mode ‘Snowball Fight.’ Riot Games asked fans to vote for their favorite game mode on Twitter and the winning mode would be re-introduced for the holiday season. Snowball Fight became the top choice and the event is now live up until 11th January 2022. If you missed out on the winter-themed deathmatch mode in the past, now is the time to hop on to Valorant and give the mode a shot.

Valorant’s Snowball Fight is the best limited-time mode for the holiday season

The Snowball Fight mode is heavily inspired by childhood snowball fights that Valorant designer Bobby Prochnow experienced as a child. When the game mode was first introduced, Prochnow revealed that Valorant has a sense of lethality, and with it being the holiday season, the developer wanted to recreate the joy of receiving gifts.

Recreating the sense of wonder and togetherness of Christmas was important to the team which led to Snowball Fight being added to the game last winter. One year later, it makes a return for fans who missed out on the limited-time mode in its previous appearances.

How does Valorant’s Snowball Fight mode work

The mode features 5v5 gameplay, in a deathmatch style mode, where you can throw snowballs at your opponents, open gifts, and skate around Icebox. Weapons and abilities are not available in the game mode and you start out with just a snowball launcher and your melee weapon in each match.

Unlike the standard game modes where you can have variable health pools depending on your armor, in Snowball Fight you have 100 total health, and getting hit by a snowball results in an instant death.

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