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Valorant's Next Map Could Be Located in India According to Leaks

Abhimannu Das
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The next Valorant map is expected to arrive around 9th January 2023.
There are voice lines in the Public Beta Environment hinting at the new map being located in India.
The codename of the map is "Jam" but it is likely to have a different official name once it releases.

Players have discovered that Valorant’s next map is codenamed “Jam” and it could be coming sooner than expected. Riot Games has started dropping teasers for the next map, which could arrive by December or early next year. Several in-game teasers have suggested that the next map is located in Harbor’s homeland, which is based in India. Here is everything we know about the “Jam” map in Valorant.

Valorant’s Jam map could be based on Jaipur

In an audio message in patch 5.09, Harbor talks about the “City of Flowers” and a world map in the current Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) has a pin on an Indian city in the Southwestern region. Viper’s lines in the PBE reveal information about Legion working in a new area which is where the upcoming map is likely to be based. 

An image was also datamined in the PBE which has a filename “Shell_M3_JaipurGarbageA”. The new map could be based on Jaipur which is an Indian city in the state of Rajasthan. Data miners had previously located multiple game files that also had Jaipur in the file names.

An Indian city being added to Valorant means that we will know more about Harbor’s past and it could further the story about the agent’s escape from his past and the current conflict between both the Alpha and Omega worlds. 

The Legion seems to be working in the Indian city and we could be going up against them. If you want to check out the new voice lines you will find them in Brimstone’s office in the PBE. Or you could wait for the updates on the PBE to become available in the live version of the game.

When will Valorant’s Indian map be released?

Data-mined information is always subject to change so fans should temper their expectations until an official announcement is made. The current battle pass is expected to end on 9th January 2023 and we can expect a map reveal by the end of 2022 or during the first week of 2023. Riot Games is also likely to add more teasers to build up hype around the new map in the coming weeks.

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