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Valorant’s Give Back 2022 Bundle Is Finally Here and It is Glorious

Abhimannu Das
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The bundle includes Neptune Vandal, Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost, Forsaken Operator, and Magepunk Spectre.
50% of the proceeds from the skin sales will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.
The bundle was added on 16th November and it will go away from the store on 30th November.

Valorant’s Give Back 2022 bundle reintroduces some of the best skins in the game that were handpicked by the community itself. The four skins in the new bundle feature the Neptune Vandal, Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost, Forsaken Operator, and Magepunk Spectre. Vandal and Operator are fan-favorite weapons and the Magepunk skin collection is one of the best Riot Games has released to date. Fans who love these skins will be able to pick them up along with a buddy, card, and spray.

50% of the Valorant Give Back 2022 Bundle’s skin sales will go to charity

50% of the proceeds from the weapons and 100% of the proceeds from accessories will go to charity through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. The skins were voted for in polls and four weapons were selected. The bundle is priced at 6,382 Valorant Points (VP) which comes to around $62 USD. It is a 33% discount over the individual cosmetic prices combined. 

Here is everything you get with the new bundle: 

  • Neptune Vandal (1775 VP)

  • Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost(1775 VP)

  • Forsaken Operator (1775 VP)

  • Magepunk Spectre (1775 VP)

  • Give Back // 2022 Buddy (975 VP)

  • Give Back // 2022 Card (775 VP)

  • Give Back // 2022 Spray (675 VP)

Jimmy Hahn, Senior Manager of Social Impact, revealed in the official press release that the Social Impact Fund is Riot’s nonprofit engine which fuels its collective efforts for global social impact. In partnership with ImpactAssets, the fund allows players to have a much deeper reach to help more people in a lasting way. 

He added, “The Social Impact Fund is a separate entity from Riot Games that allows us to make direct investments to organizations around the globe that are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Donating to international charities is a complex process and this model allows us to reach nonprofits creating a positive impact everywhere our players live.”

The bundle went live on 16th November and it will be available until the end of the month.

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