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Valorant’s Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass Might Be Riot Games’ Best One Yet

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant’s Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass goes live on 18th October.
The new pass features a mix of premium and free skins that players can obtain during Act III.
The new battle pass will be up for grabs for 1,000 Valorant Points.

Valorant’s Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass was just revealed and it is set to go live on 18th October with a host of new free and premium cosmetics. It is arguably one of the best battle passes Riot Games has ever produced and the free skins up for grabs have improved tremendously compared to the cosmetics we got during the early days of Valorant. The new battle pass will be available for 1,000 Valorant Points (VP) which will set you back by around $10 USD.

What’s new in the Valorant Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass?

Valorant Producer Laura Baltzer revealed that Riot Games is continuing to try new things when it comes to the battle pass cosmetics. She said in the official press release, “With this one (battle pass), we have probably the most cohesive thematic of any we’ve done before. This battle pass was meant to feel mysterious and fun, to lean into a thematic of adventure. We even explore some of our current Agents’ pasts in the “Unearthed” card series. There you’ll see some familiar artifacts and maybe learn something new about one of your favorite Agents.”

Here are all of the rewards that you can grab from the new Valorant Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass:

Free Track

  • Simple Instructions Spray

  • Unearthed: The Mask Card

  • Astral Conduit Card

  • Can’t Break Me Buddy

  • Corbin’s Light Buddy

  • Starlit Odyssey Ghost with Variants

  • ¡VAMOS! Title

Paid Track

  • Starlit Odyssey Vandal w/ Variants

  • Iridian Thorn Operator

  • Rune Stone Odin

  • Breach’s Approval Spray

  • Grand Designs Card

  • Shell Song Buddy

  • Iridian Thorn Blade

The battle pass will be available from 18th October until the end of Episode 5 Act III. As with all previous battle passes, you do not need to purchase the new premium battle pass to experience any of the content Episode 5 Act III of Valorant has to offer. Cosmetics are purely optional and you should get the premium pass only if you really want the cosmetics or want to support Riot Games.

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