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Valorant Xenohunter Bundle: Details, Pricing, Release Date

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The new skins are themed after the Alien franchise and they all come with "scanners' equipped on them.
The weapon skins are priced at 1,755 VP each while the melee skin is priced at 3,100 VP.
The new bundle will go live on 8th June 2022 for 7,100 VP and it will be available for around two weeks.

Riot Games is releasing a brand-new skin bundle in Valorant. With the previous bundle introducing a skin for the Vandal, now Phantom fans are in for a treat as a new fancy skin for the weapon is coming this time around. The new bundle will go on sale starting 8th June 2022 and it will be available for the next two weeks. Here is everything you need to know about the Xenohunter bundle in Valorant.

Valorant Xenohunter Bundle Overview

The Xenohunrer bundle is influenced by the Alien franchise. The bundle will include four weapon skins, and one melee skin. It is also likely to include a mix of gun buddies, sprays and player cards which have not been revealed by Riot Games just yet.

Here are the skins that are included in the new bundle:

  • Xenohunter Frenzy Skin

  • Xenohunter Phantom Skin

  • Xenohunter Bucky Skin

  • Xenohunter Odin Skin

  • Xenohunter Knife Melee

The skins all have an animated scanner attached to them and you can change up the aesthetics of the skins by upgrading them with Radianite.

Valorant Xenohunter Bundle Price

The weapon skins will be priced at 1,775 Valorant Points (VP) or around $23 USD each and you can pick up the Xenohunter melee skin for 3,550 VP ($35 USD). If you get the entire bundle, it will set you back by around 7,100 VP ($82 USD).

The skin bundle is priced at the Premium tier which means that it is likely to come with special finisher animations and upgradeable visual effects. Riot Games is yet to showcase the animations on the skins and fans will be able to check them out only after the bundles’ release later today.

Valorant Xenohunter Bundle Release Date

The Xenohunter bundle is set to release on 8th June and it should be available for around two weeks. After the bundle is no longer available, you will have to wait for it to return or for it to be added to the Valorant Night Market.

Cosmetics in Valorant are not necessary to enjoy the game and you should spend your hard-earned money responsibly, only if you really want the skins or want to support the game.

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