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Valorant Soulstrife Bundle: Price, Skins, Upgrades and More

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The new Premium-tier Valorant skin bundle is available until mid-November.
The bundle includes skins for Phantom, Guardian, Spectre and Ghost.
The bundle is priced at 7,100 VP ($82 USD) but you can also get the skins individually.

The Ion 2.0 bundle is no longer available in the shop and it has been replaced by the Soulstrife Bundle. The new bundle features Halloween-themed cosmetics with spectral designs. You can grab the skins individually or the entire bundle at a discount. The new scythe melee is the talk of the town and you can play the role of the grim reaper with a scythe in your hand. Here is everything you need to know about the new skin bundle.

Valorant Soulstrife Bundle Skins and Upgrades

The Soulstrife bundle in Valorant features a skin for Phantom, which is one of the most popular weapons in the game. Other weapons that received skins in the new bundle are the Guardian, Spectre and Ghost. 

The bundle will be available for two weeks after which you will have to wait for reruns in the store or wait for Riot Games to add it to the Night Market loot pool which might be several months or even a year away.

  • Soulstrife Melee

  • Soulstrife Phantom

  • Soulstrife Guardian

  • Soulstrife Spectre

  • Soulstrife Ghost

The bundle also comes with player cards and sprays but there are no gun buddies in the bundle. All of the skins in the bundle have special finisher animations and upgradeable visual effects. There is only one upgrade for the bundle and there are no chromas or variants. 

Valorant Soulstripe Bundle Price

The weapon skins will be priced at 1,775 Valorant Points (VP) or around $23 USD each and you can pick up the Xenohunter melee skin for 3,550 VP ($35 USD). If you get the entire bundle, it will set you back by 7,100 VP ($82 USD). 

How long will the Soulstrife Bundle be available?

The bundle is available in Valorant right now and it should be available until mid-November, after which it will be replaced by a new skin bundle in the store. You have two weeks to grab the bundle or any of the individual cosmetics.

Cosmetics in Valorant are not necessary to enjoy the game and you should spend your hard-earned money responsibly, only if you really want the skins or want to support the game.

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