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Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Leaked

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The Valorant RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle was leaked recently and it is expected to be available on 6th October 2021.
The bundle is expected to cost 8,700 Valorant Points (VP) while individual skins can be purchased for 2,100 VP each.
The new skins will come with built-in kill trackers and colors that change when you inspect them.

Valorant’s new RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle is expected to be available later today once patch 3.07 goes live. Riot Games has been experimenting with ideas with its skin lineup over the past few months and the RGX 11Z PRO skins that have been leaked feature built in kill trackers. Players can check the number of kills they have raked in during a match directly on the skins themselves.

It is the first skin lineup of its kind and more skins with similar features may be added in the future. All of the information available right now is based on leaks and the skins have not yet been revealed officially by Riot Games. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming RGX 11Z PRO Skin bundle.

Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Overview

The upcoming Valorant RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle will feature four weapon skins and a melee skin. In addition to the skins there should also be additional cosmetics including gun buddies, player cards and more. Here are the skins that will be included as part of the new bundle:

  • RGX Stinger

  • RGX Guardian

  • RGX Vandal

  • RGX Frenzy

  • RGX Melee

Something interesting that was brought up about the upcoming skins is that they will have five upgrade levels instead of the usual four. Inspecting the weapons will cycle through all available colors which include red, green, blue and yellow. The kill tracker feature is likely going to be unlocked by default or it may be locked behind the fifth upgrade level. The tracker on each skin will display your current kills in the match and not the total lifetime kills.

Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Release Date

The new skin bundle is expected to go live with the 3.07 patch on 6th October 2021. However, Riot Games is yet to officially confirm the bundle and all information available here is based on leaks only.

Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Price

Leaks state that the upcoming Valorant RGX 11Z PRO bundle belongs to the Premium Edition tier which means each skin will set players back by 2,100 Valorant Points ($22 USD) and purchasing the entire bundle will cost 8,700 Valorant Points ($85 USD).

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