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Valorant Night Market Return Date for April 2022 Revealed

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's Night Market will return on 7th April and will be available for two weeks.
Players will get access to discounts on five randomly selected skins which they can purchase.
If you do not get a skin that you want, you can wait until the next Night Market which is expected to arrive in June.

The Valorant Night Market is set to return on 7th April 2022 with a host of new cosmetics that will be heavily discounted. Valorant’s Night Market is one of the best ways to get premium cosmetics at a discount. Riot Games modeled the feature after “Your Shop” from League of Legends and it has allowed players to get their hands on expensive skins at hefty discounts over the past year. The new Night Market will be available for two weeks once it goes live and it will return after about two months with new cosmetics.

How to use the Night Market

Once the Night Market goes live, you will have an indicator in-game that shows you a selection of skins. These skins are random for each player and you will get different skins to choose from each time the Night Market returns. Select, Deluxe, and Premium Edition skins all have a chance to appear in the Night.Market. At least two Premium Edition or higher skins are guaranteed to appear, and you won't get more than two offers for the same type of weapon. Limited-time melee weapons can also show up in the pool.

The randomness in the Night Market is a major concern for players. If you end up getting discounts on skins that you do not like you will have to wait around eight weeks until you get a fresh set of skins.

Can you refund Night Market skins?

All Valorant Night Market skins can be refunded if you meet the eligibility requirements. To check if a purchase is eligible for a refund:

  1. Head to the Riot Games refund page and login

  2. Click on My Order History

  3. Choose an eligible item

  4. Click on ‘Refund’

While cosmetics are nice to have, they are by no means necessary to enjoy Valorant. If you do want skins and were unlucky with your Night Market rotation this time around, you should keep an eye out for the future shop rotations for potential skins that you want.

When will the Night Market return?

After the two-week Night Market ends this month, players can expect the limited-time shop to return in June, August and October for two weeks each. A special annual Night Market was hosted in 2021 which lasted for almost a month and Riot may host a month-long limited-time shop for players during this year’s holiday season too.

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