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Valorant Masters Copenhagen: Chamber and Vandal Most Popular Picks

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The Vandal dominated the Masters Copenhagen meta with the weapon experiencing double the pick rate of the Phantom.
Chamber is currently the most popular agent with over a 70% pick rate.
Fracture and Bind were tied as the most popular maps in the event.

Valorant Masters Copenhagen ended and there were some interesting things to note at the event. Jett is no longer the queen of the competitive meta after changes to her kit and it is Chamber who has taken her place as the number one Valorant agent in esports. The Phantom vs Vandal debate may be put to rest for a while as the Vandal had double the pick rate of its counterpart. Fracture and Bind were picked more than any other map in the event. Here is a meta report of Valorant Masters Copenhagen based on data collected by community website The Spike.

Most Picked Agent: Chamber

Chamber was the most popular agent in Masters Copenhagen. Unlike Jett, who had over a 90% pick rate in the past, Chamber is not as dominant with a pick rate of 77%, but he still has a huge gap between himself and other agents.

He is a universal agent who works well in most situations. Raze and Fade are two agents who are closely following him with pick rates of 54% and 52% respectively. Fade is the newest agent in the game and she has made a name for herself in the Initiator role. She is currently the most popular Initiator thanks to her ability to find information and disorient enemies at the same time.

Most Picked Weapon: Vandal

Vandal was the most popular weapon in the recent event with 5,863 picks at the start of rounds. In comparison, the Phantom had only 2,469 picks. The community often debates which weapon is better in the rifle class and it looks like the Vandal is the clear winner in competitive esports. But it might not be as one-sided at the world championship.

Last year, the stats were similar but both weapons had almost identical pick rates at the world championship. Only time will tell if the Phantom can catch up to its counterpart to continue the ongoing community debate that has lasted over two years.

Most Picked Map: Fracture and Bind

Fracture and Bind are tied in the number one spot with 13 picks each. Haven and Ascent were also popular with 11 picks each. Currently, Fracture has a higher attack round win percentage than defensive rounds and so does Haven.

Pearl was not a part of the competitive meta as it is not yet part of the map pool, but we will see the new map in Valorant Champions later this year as players compete in the second world championship.

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